5 Common Mistakes of Indoor Decoration

Whether you are moving into a new house, renting a new apartment or just simply redecorating your old abode, indoor decoration is just as important as how it looks from outside, if not more. A decoration is a fashion statement, an image of your personality and a necessity- all at the same time. Which is why it is imperative that you put some thought into the decoration and if possible, consult an expert. Of course, in our country we are used to decorating our house ourselves and that’s completely fine as long as you are comfortable with it and get a proper after-image. Often, it’s noticed that some common mistakes disrupt such dreams. We shall discuss five of the most common mistakes one might succumb to while decorating their abode.

1. Not minding the space: As the most often committed mistake, it is noticed the most frequently. It’s even more so noticeable in our country. For some reasons, there’s this prevalent misconception (or so it feels like) that the more furniture you add into your room, the better it will look while the opposite is true. The more furniture you add, the more space it takes up, often resulting in such a situation where there’s barely any room to walk around. And that’s not only uncomfortable, it’s undesirable and unpleasant to look at. A little bit of breathing space indoors is just as important as the bed for your bedroom. Don’t overdo it, keep it optimal and practical.

2. Placing Furniture Right Against the Wall: While it’s understandable that you put a bookshelf against the wall or a wardrobe, it makes no sense to put the Dining table right against the wall. Putting the Living Room sofa against the walls is a very common practice in our country while it should be avoided like one would avoid sugar on diet. When you put the Dining table against the wall, it blocks a few seats and disrupts the movement on one side. When a sofa is put against the wall, it leaves no room around or behind the sofa for movement and a Living Room should have plenty of space to move around. One would think that furniture against the walls creates space in the middle but it really doesn’t help your case.

3. Not minding the Proportion: Whether you are decorating indoor or outdoor or just plainly trying to make sense of anything at all, you need to mind the proportions. Proportion is very important in science, arts and everything else that brings you joy and pleasure. It’s even more noticeable inside your house with all the furniture.  A huge Living Room with a small table and a pair of chairs not only looks odd, it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Similarly, a small Dining with an 8-seater table and a bench will look equally out of place. Not to mention it will not fit with the rest of the furniture and the chaos it will create with the space. Which brings us to our next point.

4. Not measuring the room: If you are trying to get a new suit, the tailor will take your measurements and then the fabric before he even begins his work. Same for building a new house, creating a bouquet or a tablecloth. Then why wouldn’t you measure the room before starting to decorate it? It’s a very common mistake that we only realise after we are halfway through our decoration and find that something about the decoration just doesn’t fit. As a result, we end up with a different decoration than we had originally intended and let’s face it, we are rarely satisfied when things don’t go according to our plans. Which is why, it’s a good idea to measure the room before one starts to decorate it. Measure the room, know the dimensions of your furniture pieces and draw a rough sketch if possible. It will make things much easier, not to mention- more convenient.

5. Not Minding the Light: Who doesn’t like the soft kiss of the early morning sun or the smooth touch of twilight? Gazing at the sky when it rains cats and dogs is one of the best things about the rainy season but how terrible would it be if your view was obstructed by a wardrobe and you were the one who is guilty for it? Similarly, how horrible is it to sit at your table to study but the shadow is in such a bad angle that it actually gives you a headache? The point in question is- light.  Whether natural or artificial, you have to mind the light. Make sure that nothing blocks the windows so that you have plenty of natural light and air flow in the room. Ensure that the indoor lights are set up in a proper angle and positions that are practical. A bad lighting can make even the most well decorated room look like a worn-out office. It can also cause health issues such as headache, migraine and eye strain.

A home is a home because you feel comfortable and safe here. It’s hardly worth its name if it’s not comfortable. While it’s acceptable that you might have made some of these mistakes listed here because you didn’t know better, it’s a different question if you make the mistakes on purpose. These factors are concerned about the indoor decoration so that it will look better and feel more comfortable at the same time.

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