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How to Organize Clothes in Your Wardrobe: 5 Easy Steps

Wardrobe is one of the companions of our daily life. The furniture that is incompatible with the bed in the house is the wardrobe. Along with clothes, various items of daily use now adorn the wardrobe. If this wardrobe is organized, you will easily find the clothes you want, as well as you will save a lot of time.  

Moreover, looking at a tidy wardrobe will also keep your mind cheerful. But if you open your wardrobe and find it overflowing with all your random clothes, you’ll start the day full of frustration! So it is very important to organize the wardrobe clothes in a proper manner to get rid of the daily hassles. Here are five easy steps on how to organize your wardrobe.

1. Empty the wardrobe 

To reorganize an old wardrobe, the wardrobe must first be emptied. In the wardrobe, take out all the clothes and other things. However, this step can be skipped for new wardrobes. After emptying the old wardrobe, the first thing to do is to clean the inside of the wardrobe. In this case you can also use vacuum if necessary. Remove all hangers. 

If there are drawers inside the wardrobe, take out the things inside them, clean the drawers as well. Before storing clothes, first spread the paper on the shelves of the wardrobe and arrange the clothes on it.  


Organize Clothes Steps - Empty the wardrobe 


2. Separate clothes

Sorting clothes is the most important step in organizing a wardrobe. Separate the clothes that are taken out of the wardrobe into those that are worn and those that have not been worn for a long time. Decide on items that will not be worn for a long time. There is no need to keep them in the wardrobe if you don’t wear them anymore. 

For the wardrobe, choose clothes that fit you, that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing. 

3. Fold or as is?

There are some clothes that you probably wear regularly. Some clothes are worn seasonally and some are not worn without a program. Clothes should be separated by thinking about such categories. The wardrobe should also be arranged in the same way. Sometimes, a beautiful dress is hidden behind another dress and thus you can forget about many dresses. So they should be kept in such a way that all the clothes can be seen very easily. 

Also, all clothes or things of the same type should be kept together. For example, all belts together, all t-shirts together etc. Try to keep your undergarments and other small items of clothing separate, as they can easily get into other clothes. Then they are not easily found.  


Organize Clothes Steps - Folded and stacked like a file


When storing clothes in the wardrobe, you can keep the clothes folded. Folding clothes takes up less space in the wardrobe. Moreover, folded clothes look good too. According to experts, it is possible to store twice as many clothes in the same drawer as before if the clothes are folded and stacked like a file.  

If you want, you can also use the inner wall of the wardrobe. You can arrange jewelry, cosmetics or accessory products through hooks or mini stands. 

Another thing is that clothes can be put back and forth depending on the season. The clothes we wear in summer can be kept at the front of the wardrobe. Put the winter clothes behind this time. This will make it easier to find the clothes you need by having them close at hand.

4. Not even a hair space can be left empty

Not just the clothes you keep in your wardrobe. Now, besides clothes, many people are keeping many things in their wardrobe. Along with clothes, shoes, belts, files, etc. can be kept in the wardrobe. Allocate a separate cabinet within the wardrobe for shoes.


Organize Clothes Steps - Not even a hair space can be left empty


Use hangers to hang shirts, coats, ties or belts. By doing this, you will save a lot of space, and the folds of clothes will not be damaged. Rely on drawers or cabinets to keep essential documents.

5. Focus on regular monitoring

Once the wardrobe is organized, do not think that the task is over. Since the wardrobe has to be used on a daily basis, there is a danger that it will get messy in no time. So the wardrobe should be monitored regularly. Try to declutter your wardrobe one day a week or month.

Never leave dirty clothes in a drawer. The rest of the clothes will be spoiled by the smell. Clean dirty clothes and keep them in the wardrobe. Do not keep the wardrobe close to the wall. Make sure that the wall behind the wardrobe and the floor below it do not get damp. It is better not to place the furniture next to the plaster wall. Sometimes, leave the wardrobe drawers open for a while. Light and air will enter it, clothes will be good. 

Organize Clothes Steps - Focus on regular monitoring


If you want to keep a garment in the wardrobe for a long time,  then it’s better not to use starch on it. If starched clothes are kept for a long time, they can be attacked by insects or fungus can develop in folds. You can keep naphthalene in the inner corner of the wardrobe.

When the season changes, take out the clothes of the wardrobe and arrange them according to the needs of the season. Clothes that have not been worn for a long time should not be stored unnecessarily in the wardrobe. Remove them during regular inspections. All clothes in the wardrobe should be exposed to the sun at least twice a year.


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