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How To Decorate The Modern Kitchen In Small Space?

With the contemporary trend of shrinking kitchen sizes in modern apartments, numerous individuals face challenges in maintaining cleanliness and organization within their kitchens. The reduced space poses difficulties in storing essential cooking tools and leads to the quick accumulation of mess. This disorder not only affects the cleanliness but also hampers the joy of cooking, resulting in a tedious atmosphere. A well-equipped kitchen is an integral part of a healthy diet, irrespective of its size. Even in a small kitchen, a well-planned layout can accommodate multiple individuals, fostering efficiency  and tranquility during meal preparation. Therefore, a small kitchen can be transformed into a modern, functional space with a bit of mindfulness and thoughtful design. Unfortunately, many individuals lack the knowledge of what defines a modern kitchen or how to effectively decorate one within a limited area.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets serve as versatile elements for maintaining kitchen organization. When designing your kitchen, maximizing the utilization of every inch within the cabinets is crucial, significantly reducing wasted space. Considering the selection of kitchen appliances is essential when crafting cabinet units, ensuring efficient storage. Modular units prove highly effective in small kitchen designs, enabling the accommodation of numerous items within a confined space.

Kitchen Cabinet

Typically, in modern flats, single-walled or L-shaped kitchen layouts prevail. While most contemporary apartments come with pre-installed cabinets, customizing the cabinets according to the wall dimensions is necessary for a tailored fit. These customized cabinets should ideally store essential cooking items, optimizing space even in smaller kitchen areas. 

Make Room For Light And Air

Opt for lighting in the hues of light yellow, white, or cream to illuminate the kitchen space effectively. Rather than installing lights solely on one side of the wall, consider placement on surrounding walls to evenly distribute light. Illumination from one side can cast shadows, potentially disrupting cooking activities, but this issue can be mitigated by installing a sizable overhead light on the kitchen ceiling.

To address heat and prevent stuffiness in a small kitchen, installing an exhaust fan above to expel hot air is recommended. Additionally, providing a window in the kitchen allows natural light and fresh air to enter, aiding in the dispersal of smoke and enhancing ventilation. 

Use Indoor Plants

Introducing an indoor plant in the kitchen can alleviate cooking fatigue. Consider using a Money Plant (Pothos) for its vitality-boosting properties, which can also help eliminate any lingering spicy or musty odors. Hanging a vine plant near the window or on the wall adjacent to it is a good idea. Additionally, placing a small leafy plant next to the sink can enhance the kitchen environment.

It’s beneficial to expose the plant to sunlight by placing it on the balcony for at least one day a week to promote healthy growth and overall well-being. 

Kitchen Walls 

The color scheme significantly influences the ambiance of any room, especially the kitchen. Choosing the right color is crucial. Lighter shades tend to create an illusion of spaciousness, making the area appear larger. However, due to the nature of kitchen activities involving oil and spices, white might not be the most practical choice as it tends to show dirt easily.

Opting for colors that contrast with kitchen cabinets can be a viable solution. Consider shades like off-white or light green for the kitchen walls, creating a harmonious yet contrasting look. There are various appealing color combinations to consider, such as cream-red, white-black, or off-white-green for a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing kitchen setting.

Use Kitchen Organizer

In a small kitchen, it’s advisable to avoid purchasing extra pots and pans. Instead, consider the array of kitchen organizers offered by various brands in the market. These organizers are versatile, providing multiple storage options and catering to various needs. Invest in kitchen organizers as necessary to optimize space utilization. It’s crucial to pack away essential items after each cooking session to maintain a well-organized kitchen.

Induction Cooker 

Numerous smart appliances available in today’s market significantly simplify kitchen tasks, such as induction and microwave devices. Induction stoves operate differently from traditional gas stoves as they don’t emit direct heat from a flame. They function via an electric connection, requiring less heat to cook food effectively.

Consider opting for an induction stove instead of a conventional one for a more controlled and heat-efficient cooking experience. Additionally, utilizing a microwave for cooking can significantly reduce exposure to heat, ensuring food is prepared without complications. These appliances offer convenience and a more comfortable cooking environment.

Kitchen Hood 

For a contemporary kitchen, incorporating a chimney is crucial to eliminate soot, grease, and cooking odors. A kitchen chimney effectively filters and removes harmful elements from the kitchen air, thereby enhancing the overall indoor air quality. Kitchens lacking a chimney tend to accumulate dirt on the walls rapidly, requiring frequent cleaning. Moreover, the absence of a chimney often leaves the kitchen with a greasy sensation. However, by installing a chimney, or kitchen hood, the space can be maintained significantly cleaner due to its efficient extraction capabilities.

Kitchen Appliances

Long ago, kitchen appliances were limited to mortar-pestle and traditional grinding stones. However, over time, these appliances lost their popularity. Modern kitchens now boast a wide array of appliances including blenders, bread makers, air fryers, ovens, rice cookers, curry cookers, food processors, dishwashers, and more, which have become ubiquitous in urban households. For many, these appliances have become a daily necessity. In addition to these, juicers, coffee makers, water heaters, toasters, sandwich makers, and various other appliances are commonly utilized.

The primary objective behind the usage of these modern kitchen appliances is to streamline tasks and save time through automation, tasks that would otherwise demand considerable time and effort if done manually. This transformation in kitchen technology has revolutionized the way we prepare food and manage our household chores.

Decorate Your Kitchen With Modular Cabinet For Hatil

Hatil introduces a collection of modular cabinets tailored to adorn the modern kitchen. These cabinets come in diverse colors and materials, offering a range of storage solutions. They are equipped with various designs accommodating essentials such as kitchen sinks, smart ovens, and kitchen hoods. Regardless of your kitchen’s size, Hatil’s standard and intelligent kitchen cabinets can enhance its value, calculated per square foot.

By incorporating these cabinets, you can minimize the need for recurrent kitchen cleaning, thereby elevating the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. This addition not only reduces the hassle of maintenance but also augments the overall beauty of the kitchen space.

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