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7 Effective Tips to Help Maintain Light Color Sofas in Your Home

In modern life, the sofa enhances the living room or any room of the house. With the ever-changing variety of colors and designs, sofas are now playing a great role in enhancing the beauty of the home as well as meeting the needs of the home. But just buying a sofa and arranging it does not end the responsibility. Regular sofa care is required. Since the sofa is used regularly, it gets dusty and dirty all the time. That is why it is necessary to take care of the sofa regularly. Moreover, in the case of light-colored sofas, the sofa gets dirty quickly and can look old in two days. here are some important tips for taking care of light colored sofas 

7 Tips to Help Maintain Light Color Sofas in Your Home

1. Be careful in the beginning

Caution should be exercised in using the sofa before it gets dirty. Never eat sitting on the sofa. Spills of curry or water can stain the sofa. That’s why it’s better to be forewarned. As much as possible, it is recommended to stay away from sitting on the sofa, eating or applying makeup.

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If the sofa is not cleaned properly, its charm can be reduced. The color of the sofa can also go up. Many people, however, use vacuum cleaners to clean the sofa. It gets dirt or dust but the oil doesn’t get sticky or stained. Many people have sofas in their homes that have permanently attached covers. Cleaning this type of sofa is also quite difficult.

A light colored sofa can become an essential piece of furniture for your home interior decoration. According to experts, any light-colored furniture is a means of expression of refined taste. However, to maintain the quality of light colored sofas, one must always be careful.

2. How to remove the stain?

If the sofa gets dirty or stained due to carelessness, first gently wipe the entire sofa with a clean white soft cloth to remove the dust. The dirt or dust of the sofa should be wiped slowly so that it does not fall on the sofa again. Try to clean the dirt accumulated on the sofa. 

If there is any food or other stain on the sofa, rub it off as well. An old toothbrush or other soft brush can be used to remove dirt from various crevices. Dust and wipe the sofa again.

3. Importance of quick action in cleaning

When there is a stain anywhere on the sofa, take measures to remove the stain quickly. The longer you delay in cleaning a sofa stain, the more likely the stain will become permanent. For this reason, you should remove as much as possible with a tissue or paper before the stain spreads around the sofa.

Then take a white cloth and try to remove the stain with lukewarm water and a mild alkaline soap or shampoo. In this case, gently pressing the spot on the sofa, rubbing vigorously or wiping excessively may spread the stain.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner

Light-colored sofas in the house should be used to keep them clean with a regular vacuum cleaner. The sofa frame, seat and cushions should also be vacuumed regularly to remove any dirt left on the sofa. Remove the clothes and other small items from the sofa and start vacuum cleaning.


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If the sofa is stained, sprinkle baking soda on the sofa half an hour before starting the cleaning. Then start vacuum cleaning at half hour intervals. By cleaning the dust in this way, the sofa will be taken care of, as well as the environment of your room will be good at the same time.

5. Change the position of yourself and the sofa

Place your sofa in an area of ​​the house that does not get direct sunlight. Because excessive direct sunlight can fade the fabric of the sofa, the color of the sofa can also become pale. 

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Also, if you notice, we always sit on a certain part of the sofa, which many people call the favorite spot of the sofa. Because of always sitting in the same place, that part of the sofa can become more dirty, it can also move downwards. So it is better to prevent yourself from always sitting in the same place on the sofa. The seating needs to be changed regularly, so that your favorite place does not give or sag and does not show more dirt than other places. 

Also, shake the sofa cushions regularly, as light colored sofas tend to wrinkle more than dark ones. 

6. Easy solution in slipcover

The easiest way to protect any furniture and sofa from dust accumulation is to use slipcovers. Cover your sofa with a slipcover and remove it when you have guests over, so the sofa won’t get dusty, dirty or greasy. Moreover, with a slipcover, the sofa will not get dirty as often. In this case the sofa will also be durable. 

7. Dry-clean once a year

In addition to cleaning your sofa regularly, it is very important to dry-clean the sofa once or twice a year depending on the usage and condition of the sofa. Having your sofa cleaned by a professional will keep it looking nice and clean for a long time. Similarly, if the color is gone, the sofa can be varnished at the same time. 


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