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Leather Furniture Care: 5 Tips to Take Care of Leather furniture

Humans have been using leather for various purposes since the earliest times of their creation due to its beneficial properties. In this regard, leather furniture has become one of the favorite accessories of people for many years. Leather furniture made with a combination of ease of use and modern designs has now come to the top of customers’ preferences. Leather furniture is usually long-lasting due to the unique qualities of the leather and the natural fibers. It becomes more pliable and softer over time.

But due to lack of care and regular maintenance, leather furniture can get damaged in a short time. Here are five tips on how to care for leather furniture.

1. Avoid sunlight

Leather furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight. Virtually nothing is safe for long in the sunlight and heat. The beauty of leather furniture deteriorates within a few years due to sunlight. So avoid places with extreme temperatures that can dry out and crack the leather. It is not right to keep leather furniture around the kitchen. Excess heat reduces the durability of leather furniture. 

This type of furniture is damaged not only by excessive heat but also by excessive cold. For this reason, try not to place leather furniture next to air conditioners or radiators. Keep at least 2 feet away from excessive heat.

2. How to clean?

To clean leather furniture, mix 1-4 cups of white vinegar with 1-2 cups of water and clean it with the help of a thin cloth. Then clean again with a special soap for leather and finally wipe with a dry cloth.

Apart from that, various materials are available in the market for leather polishing. You can use them assured of quality. A person can also be called in to do the polishing if you feel that regular cleaning is not being done. 

Various sprays are also available in the market for cleaning leather furniture. They can also be used.


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If grease or oil falls on the leather furniture, you can spread talcum powder or baking powder on it. This powder will absorb oil and grease. This will make cleaning easier and there will be no risk of permanent stains.

Depending on where the leather furniture is kept in the house, whether it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. If the furniture is placed in a window or light airy place, it will need to be cleaned almost every day. In this case, you can wipe the leather furniture once a day with a thin cotton cloth. If not cleaned daily, dust can build up on furniture. This can cause permanent stains on the furniture.

You can cover the leather sofa with a thin cotton cloth. This will not damage the furniture with regular use.

3. Check if there is dirt inside the groove

Modern furniture is made in minimalist design where there are many different shapes, there are different types of grooved designs. This is quite common in leather furniture. 

Therefore, while cleaning this type of furniture, the dirt stuck in the grooves should also be cleaned. If your washcloths can’t reach into the grooves, use a paint brush or cotton swab to clean the grooves.

4. What not to do?

Harmful cleaners (such as oily soaps) should not be used to clean leather furniture. They leave a black coating on the leather. Also, leather should not be cleaned with mild soap as it can also change the color of the leather.


Hatil living room furniture-Leather sofa


Avoid applying water directly if it is pure leather. Leather sofa or other leather furniture should not be wiped with a wet cloth. This may damage the surface of the furniture. 

5. Be careful about changing places

Home furniture may not always be arranged the way we want it to be. So often the furniture of the house has to be moved from one corner to another corner. Moving leather furniture from one place to another requires extra caution. Because this furniture made of wood and leather can fall out of place due to careless change of place, in many cases the leather can also be damaged.


leather sofa- Hatil living room furniture


Different curved and different shaped parts are often noticed in this type of furniture. Keeping these in mind, care should be taken while moving the furniture.

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