6 Easy Ways To Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

Natural light has always been an essential element for our nature and human civilization. During the day, sunlight provides ample illumination that obviates the need for artificial light. This natural light also brings out the colors of your home furniture beautifully. However, it’s worth noting that this light can also cause UV rays to penetrate the house, which can potentially harm indoor furniture. Sunlight fades the bright colors of beds, sofas and other furniture. 

Here are six ideas on how to protect furniture from sun damage. 

Ways To Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

1. Hide and seek with sunlight

The first suggestion is pretty straight forward. Keep your furniture away from sunlight. This is the easiest and most effective way for long-lasting furniture while maintaining quality and color. To prevent damage to your furniture caused by harmful UV rays from the sun, it’s best to avoid placing them in direct sunlight.


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First make sure which part of the room receives the most sunlight. Avoid those places for storing furniture Especially, leather furniture can be damaged by the slightest irregularities. Such furniture has the highest risk of drying out and cracking. For this reason, these furniture should be kept at least 2 feet away from excessive heat. Apart from this, it cannot be placed on the side where the sunlight falls directly. If you go beyond this rule, the beauty of this type of furniture will be lost in a few years.

2. Get used to changing places regularly 

Your home may not have enough space. So furniture may have to be kept under sunlight. But, it cannot keep the furniture free from the heat of the sun and the effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. So what is the way? Reposition furniture regularly on a monthly or yearly basis.

Move furniture that is in direct sunlight to a shaded area. Bring furniture that is in a shaded area under the sun. However, it has another benefit. If a piece of furniture is left in the same place for many days in a row, it can become stained. Damage can also occur to the underside of the furniture. This problem can also be solved by swapping places.

3. Solution on curtains 

A simple solution to protect your furniture from the harmful effects of the sun, without rearranging the entire room, is to install blackout curtains on windows and doors. For this technique to work, curtains must cover all windows and doors and ensure that even the smallest amount of light does not enter.

Such a strategy may plunge your house into darkness, and you may not like the strategy. But the technique can be a great solution for rooms that you don’t use much or when you’re not home. 


Ways To Protect Furniture-Solution on curtains 


Through the curtain, not only the harmful rays of the sun, but also the heat of the sun will be prevented from entering the room. Curtains should be selected according to the nature of the room. Because the floor tiles, wall decoration, use of lighting in the room, what kind of furniture all have equal importance in choosing curtains. Put the most eye-catching curtain in the living room. Place heavy silk curtains over the window curtains. It can block the sun a lot. 

You can also use window film as an alternative to curtains. This film also helps reduce the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As a result, they are also able to protect the furniture from the negative effects of the sun. 

4. Importance of light fabric furniture 

Leather furniture can have leather fabric of different types and colors. Such furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight. Because, the color of the fabric fades due to the intensity of sunlight. 

Leather furniture is affected by the sun in many ways and no fabric is 100% safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Leather furniture made of acrylic, polyester and vinyl are less prone to sun damage than leather furniture made of linen or silk.




Leather furniture made of linen or silk can fade quickly in strong sunlight. This makes the difference in the color of the leather. Lighter leather furniture fades less in sunlight and darker leather furniture fades more.

5. Cleaner or oil at hand

In addition to protecting your wooden furniture from the sun, you’ll want to keep it looking like new. In this case, cleaner or oil is very useful. Use cleaners that do not contain harmful waxes and silicones. These types of cleaners contain organic oils that help keep your furniture’s wood nourished and long-lasting, and ultimately bring back its original shine.

It even helps reduce stains and UV damage on furniture wood. But these types of cleaners aren’t just about protecting against the sun’s harmful rays or keeping furniture shiny. It protects the furniture from air humidity, dryness. However, before using the cleaner on the furniture, you must carefully read the label on the cleaner and consult with furniture experts. Then use the cleaner.

6. Save outdoor furniture too 

You may have some furniture on the balcony, roof or backyard. Sunlight falls directly on these furniture. As a result, the possibility of the effect of ultraviolet rays on them is relatively high. Moreover, the furniture should be protected from stormy rain. In this case, you can put a waterproof furniture cover on your furniture.


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But this cover is not for always, only use this cover when the furniture is not in use. Outdoor furniture covers come in various shapes and designs and these covers are relatively easy to put on and take off.


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