Hatil- Wooden furniture Care Hatil- Wooden furniture Care

Wood Furniture Care: How to clean wooden furniture

Among the different types of furniture, wooden furniture has always been at the top in popularity. Furniture made of good quality wood can last for years without any damage due to its improved quality and value. However, lack of proper care and neglect can ruin even the best furniture in no time. Therefore, proper care should be taken into account when using wooden furniture. Here are seven tips on how to care for wooden furniture. 

Wooden Furniture Care Tips: 

1. To escape from the heat of the sun

The heat of sunlight is more or less throughout the year. However, this temperature may vary slightly depending on the season. Regardless of the heat, do not place wooden furniture in the sun. This can discolor and lighten the wood. Apart from this, cracks in the wood can also be seen in the heat of the strong sun. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight to avoid damaging the furniture from the effects of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

If too much sunlight enters the room, use heavy curtains. Through the curtain, not only the harmful rays of the sun, but also the heat of the sun will be prevented from entering the house. Window film can also be used as an alternative to curtains. This window film helps reduce the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As a result, they are also able to protect the furniture from the negative effects of the sun.

2. Beware of thermal elements or liquids 

Wooden furniture should never be exposed to water. Extreme care should be taken to keep a glass of water or any liquid on wooden furniture. If a wet cloth is placed on the wooden furniture, apart from a glass of water or a container a white stain is left on the wood, which becomes very difficult to clean later.

Many times, while cleaning the dirt stuck to the wooden furniture, scratch marks are left on it. To remove this stain, you can mix water with a little baking soda and wipe the stained area with a soft cloth. 


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Never place hot objects directly on any furniture. If there is no table cloth or cloth on the dining table, at least spread a white paper or newspaper and place hot things on it. Placing something hot on your wooden furniture can also stain the furniture and discolor it.

So in this case, rub the spot well with camphor or spirit on a soft cloth and remove the stain. You can use homemade polish to restore the shine of wooden furniture. Wiping the wood once a month will keep it looking bright.

3. Not clean with wet cloth

Wooden furniture should always be cleaned with a dry cloth. Regularly at one time of the day, the dust on the furniture should be wiped with a dry soft cotton cloth. By doing this, dust will not accumulate on the wooden furniture. Due to dust accumulated over a long period of time, germs or bacteria can grow on the wood and damage the furniture. Even wood polish can be damaged. So it is important to be careful about this.

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4. To escape from insects

One of the main enemies of any wooden furniture is termites. These insects can attack wooden almirahs or sofas or any furniture. If you notice an infestation, use an insect repellent as soon as possible. Put naphthalene, camphor on the furniture. Also, mix a cup of coconut oil with camphor once a month and put it on the corner of the furniture. It will get good results from insect problems. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try dusting it with old newspapers. Otherwise, you can cut the damaged part and install new wood.

5. Extra care in monsoon

Everything has to be taken extra care during monsoons. Wooden furniture is no exception. During this period, if the wooden furniture is not taken care of, it gets damaged. Wood tends to draw moisture from walls. So keep wooden furniture at least six inches away from the wall during monsoon. 


বর্ষায় কাঠের ফার্নিচারে বাড়তি যত্ন


Fungus is often seen on house furniture during monsoons. It destroys the varnish. To get rid of this problem, wipe the furniture with rectified spirit at the beginning of monsoon.

A good way to keep wooden furniture safe during monsoons is to regularly wipe the furniture with olive oil and linseed oil. This will keep the wooden furniture dry and damp free.

6. The habit of covering furniture on vacation

You might go somewhere on vacation, when the house is empty. At that time, due to lack of regular cleaning, dust can accumulate in the furniture of the house 

To avoid this problem, you should try to cover your furniture with a large cover while you are away from home. Not only will it protect against this dust and dirt, but it will also prevent long-term adverse effects on the furniture in your home.

7. Be careful when moving furniture

In case of house shifting, furniture has to be moved from one house to another house. Many people change the place of furniture in the same house for a few days. In this case, it is necessary to be careful in moving the furniture.


ফার্নিচার স্থানান্তরেও হতে হবে সাবধান

Modern furniture often features curved and shaped parts. These should be kept in mind while moving such furniture.

Mats can be used to move wooden furniture. It is not likely to stain or damage the underside of the furniture. Pay attention to furniture joints when moving and take extra care not to put too much stress on narrow joints, lest they break.

When moving wooden furniture from one place to another, move it on a solid surface. Otherwise the furniture joints may come loose. For example, when moving a chair, move it by the seat, and instead of the top of the table, move it by the legs.


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