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Use Modular Kitchen For Kitchen Interior Designing

In alignment with contemporary lifestyle preferences, there is a heightened emphasis on crafting homes adorned with opulent and chic interior designs. While meticulous planning often revolves around areas such as the bedroom, living room, and dining area, the kitchen tends to be overlooked. However, considering that a homemaker dedicates a substantial part of their day in the kitchen, it becomes paramount to infuse modern design elements and stylish interior influences in this space, much like in other rooms. Presently, there is a growing focus on the concept of a modular kitchen in interior design. This approach has fundamentally reshaped the conventional definition of kitchen design. A modular kitchen is a design framework that amalgamates Indian and European styles, considering the preferences, lifestyle, and durability aspects of the Indian context while also embracing the sophistication characteristic of European kitchens.

What is Modular Kitchen?

A Modular Kitchen comprises small, connectable sections or modules that, when pieced together, form a comprehensive kitchen layout. These sections are designed with cabinets and shelves that optimize space usage, completely transforming the kitchen’s appearance. Prior to budgeting for such a kitchen, it’s recommended to have an expert interior designer conduct a thorough inspection of the home kitchen. Following the designer’s advice, creating a modular kitchen tailored to the specific space is ideal. It’s worth noting that these modern kitchens offer extensive storage facilities, enhancing their functionality.

Type Of Modular Kitchen

You have the flexibility to craft a modular kitchen in any style and design of your choosing, incorporating various materials and patterns. Nevertheless, there are some typical configurations for modular kitchens. It is crucial to select the appropriate size, taking into account factors such as the available kitchen space and other considerations.

U Shaped

The design of this kitchen cabinet follows the contour of the letter ‘U’ in English. Ideal for spacious kitchens, the U-shaped design offers ample storage for those in need. Opting for a U-shaped kitchen provides the advantage of multitasking, allowing various activities to be carried out simultaneously, even in a fully stocked kitchen.

Straight Shaped

Straight Shaped

In contemporary apartment layouts, kitchens often feature an elongated design, leading to limited available space. In such instances, a straight kitchen proves to be an ideal solution. This compact kitchen layout consolidates all necessary elements into a single row, making it perfectly suited for smaller kitchen spaces.

L Shaped

L Shaped

Kitchens of this size often adopt a modular design, with the prevalent choice being the L-shaped layout, mirroring the English letter ‘L’. This configuration proves versatile, catering to both spacious and compact kitchen spaces. Notably, the L-shaped kitchen seamlessly integrates the dining area into its design.

Island Shaped

Kitchens of this scale are meticulously planned to maximize available space. The term “open kitchen” is synonymous with an island kitchen. If you enjoy spending extended periods in the kitchen and thrive in an open workspace, modular kitchens of this size offer an ideal solution.

What Modular Kitchen Should Be Like?

Prior to integrating a modular kitchen into your space, take some time to consider key aspects. Pre-determine the layout that best suits your needs, especially in terms of shape. In smaller kitchens, opt for a straight or parallel configuration, while in more spacious settings, an ‘L’ shaped design may be more fitting.

Address storage concerns with your designer, specifying whether you prefer wall-mounted cabinets or drawers beneath the kitchen counter. For households with elderly members, ensure that drawers are positioned at an accessible height.

The focal point of any kitchen is the countertop, serving as the hub for various appliances, including the gas oven. Decide on the material—granite or marble—keeping in mind the ease of cleaning, especially if you frequently prepare oily or spicy dishes.

Maintain a clean kitchen environment by investing in a high-quality electric chimney. Opt for vibrant wall colors instead of neutral tones like white or gray to enhance light reflection, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Maximize storage efficiency by incorporating drawers in every corner of the kitchen, providing a compact yet versatile solution. In more spacious kitchens, consider the installation of cabinets for added storage capacity.

Modular Kitchen Collection On Hatil

Transforming your kitchen into a visually pleasing modular space is easily achievable with a combination of tasteful design and high-quality materials. Hatil, a well-known domestic brand, provides a range of aesthetic and top-notch materials specifically crafted for modular kitchens. With Hatil, you can choose from four different types of modular kitchen materials that cater to various price points and quality standards. Furthermore, Hatil presents the option to customize kitchens of any size, turning ordinary spaces into bespoke modular kitchens. Considering the multitude of options and aesthetic designs available, opting for a modular kitchen from Hatil can undoubtedly be your optimal choice.

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