Decorate the house in Ramadan: 4 tips Decorate the house in Ramadan: 4 tips

Decorate the house in Ramadan: 4 tips

Ramadan is a holy and beloved month for Muslims all over the world. This month, which comes once every year, is surrounded by various plans and arrangements for worship. All devout Muslims make various preparations in advance for fasting for a month. As part of that preparation, here are some tips for decorating your home.

4 Tips on Decorating Your House This Ramadan

1. Is the prayer room ready?

During the month of Ramadan, devout Muslims are busy day and night in five daily prayers and ancillary worship. Seeing the elders of the family praying, the younger ones are also encouraged to perform the worship at this time. Therefore, a separate room or place is required for praying at home in this month. By implementing that idea, carpet should be spread in the prayer room at the beginning.

A book shelf or an open shelf can be kept in the prayer room to keep accessories necessary for worship including Tashbi, Quran Sharif, Hadith. 

HATIL Open Shelves Gulliver-110

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Sunlight should be kept in the prayer room. This will increase interest in praying in natural light rather than artificial light. 

Besides, you can also plant trees in the prayer room. Tub or pot can be used to plant trees. Trees will give us peace of mind, remove the dullness of the house. 

2. Decoration of the dining room

During fasting, we like to eat together at Sahri and Iftar. At other times of the year, family members are not found at the same table, but in the month of Ramadan, during Sahri and Iftar, everyone sits at one table and eats Sahri and Iftar. By doing this, the family bond is strengthened as well as a positive effect from the religious point of view.

There is no alternative to the dining table when eating Sahri and Iftar together. So check the status of your current dining table ahead of Ramadan. If there is no dining table where all the members can sit and eat together, change it. 

The dining table can be selected by considering the number of family members and based on everyone’s opinion. Also look for dining tables with durable and sturdy hardware fittings before buying. 

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Another essential piece of dining room furniture is the showcase. On fasting days, iftar and sahri require a dining set with plenty of crockery. 

With a showcase close at hand, you can easily pick up the necessary dining sets whenever you need them.  

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Apart from the showcase, the mini cabinet is also on the wish list of many. You can use it as a showcase for Ramadan needs.

3. Living room decoration

Many invite guests for Iftar or Sahri during fasting. You can decorate the living room from that idea. Moreover, Eid will come immediately after fasting. So taking everything into consideration, you can check the condition of living room furniture and accessories at this time. In this case, you can replace the old furniture and bring new furniture. If the current sofa is too old, you can buy a new and modern sofa

Show cards with various surahs, duas or hadiths can be placed across the walls of the living room. Like the prayer room, the living room can also have an open shelf where Islamic books can be kept. 

A rocking chair can be placed next to the window in the living room. You can read Hadith or Islamic books sitting on this chair. However, this chair can be placed in any room. 

rocking chair

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4. Keep the house tidy

The house should be kept clean and tidy throughout the month of Ramadan. Houses should not be kept dirty or untidy during this holy month. A messy house also has a negative effect on the mind and health. 

Every room in the house, especially the prayer room with carpets, should be cleaned regularly. Because if dirt accumulates on the carpet, it looks unsightly and dirty. Brushes can be used to clean carpets. Cleaning the carpet with a regular brush will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Many people clean the dust accumulated on the furniture with a wet cloth, which should not be done at all. Because if you clean the furniture with a wet cloth, its color may be damaged. So it should be cleaned with something that does not damage the color. If the color is gone, you can varnish the furniture. 

Various types of liquids are available in the market for cleaning showpieces or glassware. If cleaned with them, the showpiece stays clean for a long time. Artificial flowers or flower plants that are kept to decorate the house can accumulate dust and dirt. So they should be cleaned at least once a week. Wipe the window grill with a dry napkin. Of course, these are not only fasting-centered suggestions, but these should be done throughout the year. However, for the sake of cleanliness and purity during fasting, these must be done on an urgent basis.  

You can spread light fragrance or perfume in the house. Dim lights can be arranged in all other rooms including the prayer room for the convenience of worship.



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