Guide to Creating a Luxurious Bedroom Guide to Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

Hatil’s Guide to Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

While decorating the house, everyone probably has an expectation that someone will be impressed and appreciated by entering the house. But if it’s a bedroom, then extra thought goes into decorating the room. Because, at the end of the whole day’s busyness people look for peace in their bedroom. So the bedroom should also have a touch of care. Bedroom decor can be more about comfort than elegance and sophistication. Hatil gives you some tips to give the bedroom a luxurious look. 

1. Let the walls be colorful 

After entering the room, you may first notice the walls of the room. It is very normal that the walls do not get attention if they are not coloured with impressive colours. Wall color is very important in a luxury bedroom. For this you can do wall painting. You can also use customized design. In terms of colors, prefer other colors instead of white.


Let the walls be colorful 


Choose the color of furniture or other items in harmony with the color of the walls. It is not enough to paint the walls, you can decorate the walls in many ways. You can hang a family photo on the wall behind the bed. You can put a wall painting on the wall in harmony with the color of the wall and furniture. You can also hang “shatranji”. 

2. How would you like the bed to be?

The bed is often regarded as the centerpiece and soul of the bedroom. Over time, the design of the bed has changed. While some keep the tradition and trust in the old designs, most of the people lean towards the modern design bed. The demand for different modern design beds has also increased in the market. Modern design beds are also at the top of buyers’ list of choices for luxury bedrooms. 

The variety of types and quality of beds with headboards has a positive effect on the beauty of a luxury bedroom. But the whole thing will depend on your own preference. Our advice is to go for a bed with a premium design headboard. Prioritize design over color when choosing bedding. 

How would you like the bed to be

Just as it is suggested to avoid white in the color of the walls, you can also choose a different color than white in the selection of the bed. But if your favorite color is white, then we will not discourage you. Also pay attention to the quality in choosing the bed. Because after a few days you will not change the bed. Choose a sustainable bed which was made following international standards.  

In addition to pillows, cushions can also be placed on the bed. It enhances the beauty as well as looks good. Bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers in colors that are soothing to the eyes; Pay attention to that too.

3. What other furniture is needed?

After the bed, make a list of what other furniture is needed in the bedroom. But it is better not to keep too much heavy furniture in the bedroom. A dressing table with a mirror will be needed, right? But don’t place the mirror in a place where the entire room can be seen through the mirror from outside the door. We also do not recommend placing the mirror or dressing table upside down directly along the bed. Because the light reflected from the mirror can disturb your sleep.

An almirah may be needed in the bedroom, keep that too. There may be a bookshelf or you can put a wall bracket next to the bed. How about a rocking chair with it? Spent time reading a book while swinging on a rocking chair


rocking chair


If you want to have a TV viewing system in the bedroom, then a TV cabinet is also necessary. 

In addition to the bed, a separate sitting area can be kept in the bedroom for chatting with close relatives or friends. It can be a double seater sofa or two single seater sofas or a divan. The placement of furniture will depend on the size of the room.

4. Accessories that can add beauty

Use colored curtains on bedroom doors and windows. Curtain fabric is best if it is linen. Linen is capable of displaying much more opulence and abundance. You can hang a chandelier in the center of the bedroom.

Along with the wall light in the bedroom, install a pendant light in one corner of the room. Keep dimmer lighting in the bedroom. 

You can keep rugs or small carpets on the floor. In choosing a color, choose a color that will match the decor of the room, and will not be easily visible even if it is dirty. 

5. Light, air or greenery is not bad either 

Provide adequate natural light and ventilation in the room. When the sweet morning sun enters the house through the window, you will feel better. 

Amidst the crowd of furniture and accessories in the house, this natural ambience will give you a different kind of peace of mind. 


Light, air or greenery is not bad either 


Having indoor plants in a luxurious bedroom can greatly help in enhancing the peace of mind and the beauty of the room. Try to keep some small plants in the bedroom. These plants will give you fresh oxygen. Both body and mind will be good. 

Instead of using traditional tubs for planting, try using hanging pots or showpieces. Do not forget to care for the tree regularly! 

6. Regular monitoring should be carried out 

After decorating the bedroom with furniture and accessories, the cleanliness of the entire room should be kept in mind. If you give your bedroom a luxurious look, but don’t keep it clean regularly, then the whole plan will be in vain. 

Be careful not to get water on the walls. This can ruin the color of the wall. The color of the walls makes a difference in the atmosphere of the entire room. So you can change the color of the wall every few years. Make sure bedroom plants are growing properly. Check the dressing table mirror for dust and dirt. Clean with glass cleaner weekly if needed. 

The entire setup of the bedroom should not be changed frequently. This can damage the furniture. But to enhance the beauty of the room, you can change the place of things that can be moved easily after a few days.


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