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How To Take Care Of Wooden Furniture During The Monsoon

Monsoon in Bengal is of unmatched beauty. The fresh breath of air that comes along with the first rain after months of hot summer, the smell of wet grass, the fresh green color of the leaves are some of the few things that come to our mind when we think about the rainy season. While we may have a thousand reasons to romanticise the monsoon and call it our favourite season, it is certainly not the same case for everyone, especially your wooden furniture.

During the Rainy season, the humidity level goes way higher than usual and creates more moisture which makes wooden furniture vulnerable to swelling, fungal damage, cracking, etc. and takes a toll on their durability in general. That is why it is extremely important to take good care of your wooden furniture during this time. In today’s blog we are going to talk about a few easy steps that you can take to keep your wooden furniture healthy.


Keep wooden furniture away from walls

Persistent rain during the monsoon can cause the moisture level of the exterior walls to go up. It makes the walls damp, and any wooden furniture near them tends to absorb the extra moisture from the walls. It makes the wood extremely vulnerable to swelling and fungal damage. If this happens to your wooden wardrobe or bookshelf, the fungi might damage your favourite clothing items and books as well.

To avoid this, keep your furniture at least 6 inches away from the walls. Besides, to avoid direct contact with rain water as much as possible, make sure to close the windows and balcony doors when it’s raining, and fix the window and door frames immediately if you notice any leakage.

Sunlight to take care of your furniture

An adequate amount of sunlight can really help to balance the moisture level of your home and help wooden furniture to stay in perfect condition. That is why it is encouraged to keep them in a room where sunlight and air can pass easily. Although we understand that it is not always possible to find a well-ventilated room with windows and balconies if you live in a crowded city full of high-raised buildings. However, keeping the windows open when it is not raining to let sunlight and sir enter the room is always a great way to keep the moisture level in check.

Oil to protect from moisture

One of the most effective DIY ways of protecting your furniture during the monsoon is using oil. You can take a bit of olive oil or linseed oil in a dry piece of cloth and use it to wipe the wooden surfaces of your furniture. Doing this once or twice a week will keep them shiny, dry, and safe from moisture.

Dry cloth for cleaning

If you’re living in a polluted city like Dhaka, it is almost impossible to stop dust from entering your home and creating a layer of dust over everything. It is necessary to clean the furniture regularly to maintain its outer look and durability. During the rainy season, it is essential to ensure that a dry cloth or brush is being used to clean the furniture because wooden surfaces tend to soak up moisture from the material if a wet piece of cloth is used.

This is also true for any wet items being kept on or inside wooden furniture. Therefore, make sure to let the clothes dry completely before putting them inside the wardrobe.


Varnish regularly

It is something that a lot of people do once in a year or two to maintain the shiny outlook of wooden furniture. However, what most people do not know is that varnishing or polishing the wooden furniture can be a great way to increase their strength and longevity. A coat of varnish creates a protective layer on the surface of the wood and thus reduces its chances of absorbing moisture and getting damp. Therefore, make sure to varnish your furniture once every one or two years to keep it healthy.


Avoid renovation and restoration during monsoon

No matter what protective step you decide to take for your furniture, make sure to get them done before the monsoon starts. Because it is not an easy job to varnish or polish the furniture. It takes a few days to move and clean the furniture, give a coat of varnish, let the varnish dry, and rearrange the furniture accordingly. It gets more difficult during the rainy season because of the increased moisture in the air and lack of sunlight.

In worst cases, the varnish or paint might take a long time to dry properly and allow moisture to enter the surface, which will ultimately do more harm than good to the wood.

Naphthalene and Neem leaves

Although these are popularly known for their pest repellent characteristics, naphthalene and neem leaves can also do wonders when it comes to absorbing moisture from your closed wooden drawers and almirahs. It is an easy and effective way to keep the insides of your furniture dry and safe from insects by putting some naphthalene or camphor balls inside the wardrobe and drawers. You can also use dry neem leaves instead of naphthalene and it’d be equally effective.

Use humidifiers

A humidifier is a device used to control the moisture level of a room. It can add or reduce moisture to the air of the room as required. Since our homes remain pretty moist most of the time due to the hot and humid weather of our country, it might be a good idea to invest in a humidifier to ensure the protection of your favourite wooden furniture and the overall beauty of your home.

These are some of the widely known and practised ways of protecting wooden furniture during the rainy season. If you or your family follow any other way besides these, do let us know in the comments below.

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