Kids’ Furniture in Bangladesh – 15 Things You Should Know About

As a parent, it is safe to assume you want the ideal furniture for your kids. Don’t you want to see your child grow as comfortably and conveniently as possible? As soon as a baby can crawl out of its crib and grow into a toddler, it will need furniture adjusting to its growing body and other requirements.

Furniture brands such as HATIL have the most unique designs of kids’ furniture; lucrativeness along with comfort and suitability is assured within the kids’ furniture in Bangladesh.

Kids’ Furniture in Bangladesh

Are you thinking about decorating by your kids’ room with ease? It might sound like a lofty issue for some people. The business of resorting to what furniture to choose for your children may seem difficult and there are so many crucial factors that you must consider before making your purchases. Fret not, here are the 15 things that you should know about Kids’ Furniture in Bangladesh.

1. Safety Comes First!

Quite a few people make the mistake of not paying proper attention to the kids’ furniture. This has often proved to be troublesome both for the children and the parents. That is because they may get hurt by a creaky bed, fall off it if the bed is too high, might run into sharp edges and corners, even choke on toys! Every year the number of cases associated with children’s accidents while being in their home is reported.

Kids are messy and scatter things around a lot, that’s a fundamental aspect of a children’s daily life. For the assurance of their safety, the material of the furniture has to be carefully looked into. Furniture with blended edges is usually safer than the ones with sharp edges. It is also suggestible that you avoid glass furniture. As the saying goes – better be safe than sorry. Do not forget to read the promotional materials either!

2. Size Matters the Most

To a kid, everything looks bigger in their perspectives. It is commendable to purchase furniture that compliments their sizes. Do you want to leave your work at hand and help them get off the bed or take something from the closet every time they need something?

Relatively smaller furniture is always better accessible for them. Bunk beds are low and save space while low twin beds are just as suitable. Smaller desks, closets, beds, and other kids’ furniture for their age and growth will aid you in preventing a lot of unnecessary hassle.

3. Shape Matters Too!

The shape of the furniture must be noted so that it fits the kids’ room without taking up too much space. Diverse shapes can pique a child’s interest as well.

4. Durability is a Must

Kids make noise and jump around like monkeys. As wholesome as they look while having fun, their furniture has to be able to take that beating too without any hazard. Any parent knows how much kids love to move around adorably in their beds when they are asleep. However, when they are awake they bounce on their beds more often than not.

For long term use and to not succumb to injuries, durability must be ensured. It is best if you choose furniture made of wood, plastic, or metal. Do not hesitate to invest in a piece of durable furniture over discounted furniture that may not be durable.

5. Considering Furniture Design Beforehand

Before going into those colossal furniture stores with such a wide variety of designs, you should consider a few things too before rooting for the first design that you find amiable. Kids build their world in their home, their room. A child’s imagination has no boundaries, it is infinite.

Quite fascinating how they can get embedded in their thoughts and it gives birth to creativity. On this occasion, you have a massive opportunity to help them further explore themselves. The weaving of creativity combined with their imagination with a hint of reality seems to be the perfect way to enhance their mental health. It is recommended that you ask for your child’s opinion.

It may seem unnecessary to some but having a note of your kid’s preferred colour, the print on the fabric they like, their favourite cartoons and so much more of their interests are handy when you choose designs for kids’ furniture. Nevertheless, do not try to indulge in their wishes for anything irrational.

6. Leave the Colour to your Kids

What colour combination should you opt for? The colour should be left to your child to choose from. The colours of the curtains, furniture, and other fabric in the kids’ room should complement one another. However, it must be acknowledged that the furniture does not consist of harmful substances such as lead. Children up to a certain age tend to lick everything they can access. Such accidents are proven to be detrimental to their health too.

7. Keep It Minimal

Yes, you heard it right! Keeping the furniture minimal instead of all jumbled around is invariably a good idea. Children love to move around, jump all over the place, and make a huge mess. The furniture should not come between them as an obstacle when they play.

They should feel as free as possible. Hence, remove the unrequired pieces of furniture from their room.

8. Think in Terms of Versatility

As children grow, their tastes evolve. They outgrow everything beginning from toys to their clothing choices to even their furniture. You should consider products that serve as dual duty purposes. For example, you can buy a cradle-shaped padded chair instead of regular changing tables. This will work as a rocking chair for the kid after he is out of his nappy changing phase as a baby. Multifunctionality is indeed much needed.

9. Having a Bookshelf

While it is not a necessity, having a bookshelf strengthens the mental growth of your kid.
Parents emphasize so much on beds, closets, and tables that they often tend to not consider buying bookshelves for their children until much later.

It is generally an excellent initiative to keep a bookshelf in your kids’ room. Keeping their books well organized and teaching them the importance of gaining knowledge subtly at a young age is quite beneficial for growing children. Kids’ furniture in Bangladesh now has exclusive age-appropriate bookshelves in stores of multiple brands.

10. Flexibility is Key

Beds like trundle beds are an ultra-flexible option for bedding. Bunk beds have been around for eons and provide bedding for more than one kid as well. The kids’ furniture should offer vigilance for their welfare; flexibility should be ensured to comply with that. Children move and stretch on their beds so much that flexibility should be a rudimentary feature while you buy kids’ furniture.

11. Do not Slack off while Dealing with Storage!

Storage is elementary when it comes to kids’ furniture in Bangladesh. Children always have toys laying around here and there. Toy cars, puzzles, dolls, dollhouses, train sets, games, and whatnot are a basic routine of a kid’s lifestyle. Colour pencils and watercolours can be lying all over the floor too.

Furniture that can be used as storage is likely to help in teaching the kids how to wrap their toys up after they are done playing with them. A box bed can be used as storage as well. These can assist further as the kids grow up and do not use their previous things. In all, the advantage of having good storage avoids clutter.

12. Do not Forget to Keep a Budget

As appealing as the furniture looks, do not rush to buy them immediately with extra price. Always keep a budget that suits you and your demands. Having a budget allows you to allocate specific amounts to indispensable furniture and then spend the rest of the money accordingly. Perhaps, you can teach your little one a bit about budgeting and too.

13. A Kids’ Transition to Youth.

As a child transitions into teens, their opinions about many things start changing. After reaching a certain age, you might want to think about changing the furniture in their rooms.
If you choose to keep furniture that you do not want to change, you have to buy strong antique pieces with slightly traditional designs. Nonetheless, it is generally a good idea to let the youth have opportunities to alter their room decorations or furniture.

14. Steer Clear of Used Items.

Stores that sell second-hand furniture may look charismatic. Yet, most of these products get knocked down pretty easily. If you do buy used furniture, make sure it is safe and no harm befalls your kid. Clean the products properly before letting your child use them.

15. More Tips

You should always read the inserts – the details, pros, and cons of the materials before purchasing them. Significant installation, maintenance, and cleaning instructions should be diligently read. Going through insert is undeniably very important.  Weight-bearing furniture for instance a bed should be tightened with more screws. This enables heightened strength and firmness of that particular furniture.


So there you have it. Now you have a detailed understanding and overall perspective on the top 15 things you should know about kids’ furniture in Bangladesh. Considering the aforementioned points provides you with the ultimate guide for buying kids’ furniture in Bangladesh with little to no hassle.

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