Tips for Stylish Bedside Nightstand Decor Tips for Stylish Bedside Nightstand Decor

Tips for Stylish and Functional Bedside Nightstand Decor

Have you ever thought that the side table next to your bed is one of the closest pieces of furniture in your daily life? Maybe you have never thought of it this way, but to be honest, the bed side table is a piece of furniture that is very close to our daily life, which we use before going to sleep at night and the first thing in the morning when we wake up. Usually before going to sleep at night, keeping mobiles, glasses, watches, for those who take medicine or water, the bedside table is an easily accessible and personal space which we have been using constantly subconsciously. Apart from storage options, we also use this space to keep favorite photo frames or alarm clocks. So we need to be more careful about decorating this bedside table or nightstand.

Type Of Nightstands

When selecting a nightstand, consider the overall design and needs of your bedroom. Opt for a functional nightstand that fits the space appropriately. There are various styles available, including:

  • Modern nightstands made of wood or metal with clean lines for a contemporary look
  • Vintage-inspired farmhouse nightstands with distressing for a classic charm
  • Cabriole nightstands with elegant carved accents for a touch of artistic flair

Many modern nightstands also incorporate subtle lighting features to help navigate in the dark without disturbing sleep.

Before purchasing, read tips on ideal nightstand placement and accessibility from the bed. Measure the space to ensure your nightstand selection fits appropriately and allows easy access. The right bedside nightstand complements your room’s style while providing necessary bedtime storage and lighting in a size that works for the space. Selecting a functional and attractive nightstand completes your bedroom décor.

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How To Keep Your Nightstand Organized

Cluttered nightstands with piled books, gadgets, and cords can certainly cause frustration when you’re trying to find necessities in a hurry. Taking time to thoughtfully organize your bedside storage will help you maintain peace of mind.

Thoroughly clean off the nightstand to wipe the slate clean. Avoid keeping anything permanently on the tabletop except daily essentials like an alarm clock, lamp, glasses, and a photo frame. This commonly used surface area should remain clear.

Most nightstands have multiple drawers to utilize. Store secondary items you use regularly in the top drawer – phone, charger, headphones, watch, wallet, lotions, medicines, etc.

Use the lower drawers for books, magazines, notebooks, pens, files, reports, and other paperwork you may need to access. Having a place for everything and keeping things in their designated spots will prevent a disorganized junk drawer situation.

Taking a few minutes to tidy and sort your nightstand into “zones” for different items will make bedtime prep easier and give you peace of mind before sleep. A decluttered and organized nightstand promotes relaxation rather than stress at the end of the day.

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How To Decorate Your Nightstand

The space above your nightstand presents an opportunity to exhibit your personal taste and promote restful sleep. A table lamp can provide soft lighting and serve as a decorative accent. Choose a fabric-shaded lamp with a finish that matches your room’s aesthetic – modern metallic, vintage brass, etc. Table lamps enable cozy late-night reading in bed.

Family photos or meaningful art pieces also feel right at home on a nightstand. A vase of fresh flowers is another nice touch. Waking up to the scent of blooms can start your day feeling refreshed.

When storing books and magazines in the nightstand drawers, place larger books spines-out at the back and smaller items up front. This makes items easy to remove without disrupting organization.

In addition to a vase, you could also place a potted plant like a money tree, cactus, or bonsai on the nightstand. Scented candles can provide pleasant aromatherapy. Any personal touches reflecting your taste will help make the space feel cozy and relaxing. A thoughtfully decorated nightstand creates the perfect environment for sound sleep.

Add Finishing Touch On Nightstand Decoration

A few simple touches can enrich the look of your nightstand:

  1. Line drawers with decorative wallpaper to conceal any stains or flaws while adding visual interest.
  2. Swap out drawer knobs for ones that match your room’s aesthetic. Coordinating hardware pulls a look together.
  3. Use a tablecloth to protect the nightstand’s surface from spills and scratches.
  4. Apply decorative washi tape to corner edges as a safeguard against nicks and dings.
  5. Mount a mirror on the wall above the nightstand for function and style.
  6. Place a storage basket beside or beneath the nightstand for overflow items. Tuck it out of sight when not needed.

Little upgrades like lining drawers, switching hardware, and protecting surfaces help extend the life of a nightstand while giving it an upgrade. Extra touches like wall décor, tape, and baskets also add form and function. With simple fixes, you can give your nightstand a fresh new look and better organization.

Wrapping Up

I hope these tips have provided inspiration for decorating and organizing your bedside nightstand in a way that expresses your personal style. While bringing in decorative accents and establishing storage zones, don’t forget the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.

Make a habit of tidying up the nightstand often. Wipe surfaces, empty trash, and return items to their designated spots. Also revisit the décor every now and then to switch out styling pieces or rearrange the setup. Small tweaks keep the look feeling fresh.

With consistent upkeep and little decorative updates here and there, your nightstand can continue looking its best while showcasing your design aesthetic. A well-styled and organized nightstand contributes to the overall beauty of your bedroom or living space.


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