Hacks to clear the clutter

Everyone has a bit of junk lying around the house. They might seem relatively harmless but at times, it is very common to feel stressed and out of control when we remain surrounded in such an environment. It is also a huge energy zapper and wastes a lot of our precious time as we often can’t find our essentials getting them mixed within the clutter. So, decluttering your home is not only about keeping your abode neat & clean but also taking better care of yourself through the process and making your life easier than ever. Let’s know about some quick hacks and unique organization ideas to get rid of all kinds of clutters in our house.

Creating a timeline & a sorting system

To make the process easier, it’s a must to make a plan. Regardless of how much clutter is laying around different rooms of your house, having specific goals and a timeline to follow helps you to have a clear overview of gradually getting your work done and thus, keep your frustration in control. Here are the following things to keep in mind while making the timeline:

  • Cover one room or space at a time
  • Allocate a specific amount of time on specific rooms to be punctual
  • Set a specific date for each room to cover instead of covering all of them in one day

Getting the timeline ready, it’s essential to create a sorting system for all of the clutter. Very often, we get our most important goods mixed up with the least important equipment/stationary/thing to keep in the house. So, sorting the clutter based on our own method or the popular Three-Box-Method would really make it effective and worthwhile. Let’s look into the popular method and take an idea:

Three Box Method:

Three Box Method is a very popular sorting system where it makes you go from item to item and compel you to make a decision instantly if that is important or not.

You need three seperate boxes and label them as “Keep”, “Get Rid Off” and “Put In Storage”. Then, you start compiling the clutter inside those boxes based on their importance.

Decluttering your Bedroom

Decluttering your bedroom should be the first priority

Bedroom often becomes our personal dumping ground for anything and everything that doesn’t have a place in any other room. 

Start off with drawers

Majority of the time we get very lazy to clean the corners and the essential places as soon as we end up cleaning the floor. But, it won’t come to any use if we can’t keep our essentials organized. So, it’s better to start the whole decluttering process with drawers. In order to make the arrangement better than before, we can add hand-made dividers and keep extra shoe/gift boxes to separate different types of things we keep in our drawer. We can also put a shelf paper under the goods to make cleaning easier the next time.

Keep flat surfaces clear

It’s important to not keep more than 5 things on top of the available flat surfaces in the bedroom. We can keep small decorations, a photo frame, lamp etc. but that should be done understanding if that space would be cramped with those goods or not.  Because if we can clutter the flat surfaces less, the bedroom space will feel more calming and peaceful.

Utilize Storage Beans

Not everything can be tucked behind the closet in a bedroom. Closets can be the room for the essential clothes, important documents and belongings but when it comes to seasonal items, kid’s toys etc. we can easily 2-3 labeled storage beans at different corners of the bedroom to keep them organized. 

If storage beans take up too much space, storage beds can be a viable alternative too. It would also help you to keep some bulky items into a smaller space without giving any chance of gaining unwanted attention towards them.

Decluttering your Living Room

Your living room shouldn’t be left out of the list when it comes to decluttering the house

Living rooms are for relaxation and recreation. Hence, it should have that calm and serene feeling to complement your mood’s requirement. But, if you find the place cluttered with different unwanted things, it would be really hard for you to ease off and really unwind into a peaceful mood. So, let’s look into some ways to declutter our living room.

  • Add storage furniture such as storage sofa, unique file rack, creative open shelves etc.
  • Allocate baskets at different corners to hold toys and baskets
  • Streamline the number of pillows and blankets down
  • Get rid of any broken or unused toys, musical equipment, controllers etc.
  • Use cords and cables that aren’t excessively long to reduce the visual clutter around the electrical equipments

Decluttering your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in almost every house. In short, it is a clutter-magnet. Too many utensils and containers are always competing for space and it never gets better. Kitchen cabinets, drawers and countertops are always cramped with culinary appliances which make them visually unappealing. So, it’s time to make some time in your weekend and go through the following hack to declutter your kitchen:

  • Clear everything off from the kitchen counter except for 3-5 essential items.
  • Designate each space around your kitchen for specific items such as- Cooking utensils should be near the stove, masalas should be inside the kitchen cabinet over the stove etc.
  • Renovate your cooking place into a modular kitchen if you are looking for greater utility and sleek aesthetics.

Keeping things simple is the key to limiting the chaos in this high-traffic space. So, following the  above hacks it is a matter of time to get all of the clutters around your house in their required places.


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