Living Room for Newlyweds

For most newlyweds, decorating their own home together is one of the most exciting phases of their married life. It is also the time to settle down in your new home and plan for the future. It’s important that the home reflects your youthful, vibrant, and sophisticated personality. As well as being a place where you will be spending the majority of your time, choosing your own decorating style is vital for both of you to feel comfortable and at home.

With proper planning and selection you can create a perfect living area

Living rooms play an important role in Bengali households. It is a place to catch your breath after a long hectic day and a place to entertain your guests. Newlyweds mostly move into a small apartment where incorporating all the basic elements of a living room can be quite challenging. To guide you in creating the perfect living room, we have outlined a few steps that every young couple should take.


SmartFit Furniture is the way

Switching to smartfit furniture can save space and money

SmartFit Furniture is all about multipurpose, meaning having to save money and space in your home at the same time. While moving into a small apartment of two, this should be the smartest choice in case of choosing furniture for your living room. Suppose you want to invite some friends or relatives over, you would definitely want to make more free spaces so that they can have a lovely time in your home. Congested and cramped up furniture looks unpleasant and creates an unappealing environment. If you’re struggling to put a sofa or divan in your small living room, Cappuccino-105 and Espresso-105 could save you big time. HATIL designed and styled this table set in an exquisite manner, where you can place the seats easily inside the table, and thus the chairs won’t take up unnecessary space, also adding a sophisticated touch to your place. You don’t need an extra sofa or chairs to sit down and chat with your friends. If you want to invite friends or cousins for a stayover but don’t have enough space for your guests to stay, Fusion-302 a sofa cum bed is here to the rescue! They are stylish and can be used as a sofa or a bed whenever it’s needed.


Go Trendy

Trendy fabrics and color palettes can jazz up your living room can jazz up

Newlyweds of this generation are always aware of the trends not only in our country but all over the world. For a living room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere should be the main goal, but adding trendy touches to the furniture can hype up the room more. Fabric Sofas are the trendiest sofa nowadays. They look aesthetically pleasing and come in a diverse range of colors, textures and patterns. You can go with your own taste and theme and easily decorate the room with them. Minimalistic tables and tools are also gaining their popularity over the past few years. Corner tables like Scorplus-110 and Myriad-107 can give a stylish and sophisticated look in your living room. If there’s an extra corner in your living room and you are out of ideas on how to fill in that corner, Accent Chairs can easily brighten that corner and be a statement piece of your living room. Lastly, you can add some rugs or floor pillows to warm up the aura of your living room.


Divan Over Traditional Sofa

Divan are not only comfy but also can create a minimalistic look

Traditional sofa comes in multiple parts most of the time and can take up lots of unnecessary room while arranging them in your living room. Instead, by getting a divan, you can save a lot of space and they are much more comfortable than a sofa. You can have a relaxing time with your partner after a long day in a cozy divan rather than a sofa. Nottingham-243 comes in different sizes and you can easily select them according to how big or small your living room is. It isn’t always necessary to have more seating options than you actually need. Because you just started a family with your partner and having multiple sofas is absolutely unnecessary.  So getting yourself a divan instead can make more free room for you to decorate or use it for other significant purposes.


Clever Storage Idea

We always have that two or three objects we struggle with finding a home for them. So why not utilize the spaces under your sofa? Shoe racks can be expensive and can consume a lot of your flooring space. You can easily skip the part of getting a shoe rack and store your shoes or any other objects under your sofa. For serving this exact purpose, Storage Sofas are made for you. Salamander-244 has a unique feature where you can store objects under the seats by lifting them up. It will leave a clean look and no one will know how many objects you’re storing underneath it! Clever right?


Living Room Arrangement Tips

Start arranging your living room furniture with the largest piece first. Typically, a sofa, or perhaps an armchair, would be your largest piece. Consider positioning the piece to focus on the focal point of the room, such as the TV, gallery wall, or window. When you put the sofa in front of a window, avoid placing it directly in front of it, since it may block some natural light. Moving on, place smaller seating options, such as chairs or bean bags, opposite or adjacent to the first piece. Finish the room by adding accent furniture, such as ottomans, coffee tables, end tables, and lamps according to the size of your living room. Hang a few pieces of paintings on the blank walls if possible. We often forget this small detail that we must keep in our mind while arranging the furniture, every seat should be within reach of a tabletop surface.

We hope you and your partner can arrange your lovely home with joy and start a fresh new life together. Don’t stress too much while arranging your abode, because eventually you can figure it all out together! Please let us know which product you are most interested to buy for your living room in the comment section below!

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