The connection between your culture and the interior design of your home

No matter what you call your home, whether it’s an apartment or a condo- home is a place of comfort and shelter. Your home represents who you are and what you represent as a person. As a community the practices that we have been following for years, our houses take up the shape of those practices. The way in which we design our houses or how our houses have been designed tells a lot about our origins.

It’s undeniably true that for this reason, the place you set up home portrays a reflection of your personality, taste, and likings. The interior design of your home should serve as a testament to those that live underneath its roof. It means that your home interior should always depict who you are and where you came from. Above all, your home is your place to seek comfort and nothing will comfort you more than the things that speak of your own personality and beliefs.

How culture curbs up the interior décor of your home

Your home decor and lifestyle are reflections of the cultural elements you hold closer

A person’s culture best describes a person, what they represent and where they come from. Your culture tells a lot about you and the things you believe in. Because whether it’s their aborigine culture or not, every person is subscribed to a culture that they can best relate to. Thus, it serves as a huge inspiration for interior design. Culture is an integral part of you, your family and it always keeps itself alive in the walls, the colors on your furniture and the texture on the designs around your home.

Because when it comes to your home, your home is your happy place. No matter what happens, coming back to a home that you can call yours is always comforting. It makes you happy. And when you call it your own home you want it to be designed in a way that integrates your culture in it. When the nakshi kantha bed sheet in your room represents your culture it seems evident that home decor speaks a lot about where you come from and it provokes a sensation of happiness. Because this is how culture takes a place in your home, representing something that has always been a part of you or the people and things that you love.

What factors of culture gets integrated into your interior design ideas

Culture can get integrated into your interior design without you even when you don’t particularly think about it. But more often people always try to integrate it intentionally into the places that they call home. It creates more avenues to express yourself, your roots, the things you believe in and how much importance your family or lineage holds to you. It’s an important part of interior design for a home that you can call yours. Culture is integrated in many ways into your home. Through religion, family structure, cultural heritage and lifestyle as a community

Cultural heritage 

Your culture represents you. And you carry it everywhere you go. Decorating along the lines of your culture is a great way to accentuate your beliefs and lifestyle which attaches a very important value to the things around your house.

For instance, if the country you’re born in has great color contrasts in its culture. Like if you are born in Bangladesh, bringing in designs with colors, shapes, tones and textures that speak a lot about your culture or a place like Japan that has very minimalistic designs. That makes you feel like home when bringing you back the memories of festivals, of good memories and making you remember who you are or where you come from.

The design of your house in itself says a lot about your culture. Asian houses culturally inherit small alley ways compared to bigger rooms. Whereas, European households have attached kitchens with dining rooms. This thing stays consistent and gets carried on for generations after generations to express the cultural trends that come from a certain place.

People add decorative pieces from their culture like rugs, furniture or wallpapers that are directly linked to their culture. Or collect things such as seashells to remind them that they were born by the seaside. Anything that can make you relate to your culture and make it manifest around your household is a great way to go.

When it involves culture, it’s a great way of drawing others in and making them more interested about your culture or what you represent. It’s like putting pieces of yourself up in the walls and components of your house. 

Interior design inside a house in Rajasthan that depicts its culturally rich heritage  

Lifestyle as a community

The lifestyle of a community is always in someway similar to each other in that particular community. And thus the cultural depiction inside a community is very distinct. The way a particular community keeps connected to each other is their shared practices of culture. 

When you see a community using certains types of art, houses having high roofs, the smell of charcoal from a fireplace- its easy to understand how the culture has been inside their interior designs. How some communities live in multistoried buildings and have a same style in interior decor or where communities have to specifically keep things such as decorated kitches or fireplaces in cold areas to fight the weather. Its all part of culture because these are cultural trends and practices that have been passed down and live on within the walls of your houses. 

Family structure

Your family’s history and lineage is a part of your culture. They have kept the cultural practices and they are one of the reasons why you are part of that culture. Portraying your culture in your house shows the bond that you share.

If you’re living with your loved ones, be it your partner or family members. Bringing in culture is a great way to demonstrate about everyone staying under the same roof. Pieces and accents that speak to the unique parts of your heritage also serve as great conversation starters and have a way of drawing people in. It’s a great way to bring your partner and your cultures to fuse together in an expressive manner. Like having particular pieces that fit in with your culture or theirs that could be placed inside your home. In this way a bit of both of you makes your home comfortable and tells stories about each other. That draws in people to understand about you and your family structure. Ancestral things or things that are like family heirlooms such as how bangali households have the practice of having different cultural utensils or how indian households have a lot of colours that express their culture around their household. It could be in any form.

Bridging beliefs and roots

Your interior designs color palettes, art pieces, decorations and furniture could speak a lot about your belief systems. Whatever your respected ideology or religion is, it’s a huge part of your culture. And you’ll always see how it creates a place of its own within your house.

Faith comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. And your culture and you can relate to it in different ways. A certain color or even basic furniture with designs could make you relate to that spiritual sense of faith. And it’s up to your choice to decide for it. Things such as prayer rooms that show your religious cultural practices or wall arts of religious components that create an impression in your house about your ideologies. 

Cultural roots can also derive from a lot of things other than your own unique practices. The places you go or the places that you call home pieces from such places can enrich the cultural influence in your house which people tend to do. Anything that gives them the sense of attachment to their culture becomes a part of their interior design ideas.

Motifs and structures that illustrate your beliefs inside the walls of your house

Decorating with your culture in mind gives you an avenue to express your personal beliefs- making your home more of a happy place than before. Be it intentionally or unintentionally keep on integrating culture to your home, making it a more comfortable place for you and your loved ones. Your culture is unique to you and it’s capable of inspiring you in many ways that you don’t know. Create a cultural haven in your home and you’ll craft yourself a shelter that’ll make you happy at the end of each day. So be expressive with it, be happy.


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