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Vanity: Symbolizing elegant convenience

Having an organized, well-lit surface to sit at while doing your makeup look will ensure better results and can lift up your mood and boost your confidence for the rest of the day. It will also add some style to your bedroom.

What is vanity and why do you need it?

Vanities act as a morning hub where you can prepare for the day. It is designed to create the ideal spot to store all of your personal items, from jewelry to perfume. A vanity will essentially remove clutter in your bedroom, thereby giving it a neater look. It will save you time by getting all the products you will need to get ready within your reach. It will also help you get a peaceful morning routine to start a fresh day.

A bedroom vanity space is a widely famous concept in the western world. However, it is one of the rising trends now in our country. You may think of vanities as being expensive heavy, wooden pieces of furniture, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can make it on your own, within your budget including the basic components that you will need to set up your vanity. So let’s discuss them!

Table and A Chair:

A minimal vanity table to save space

The first thing you will need for setting up your vanity is a table or any horizontal surface. It can be a table with drawers or a wall-mounted table in your room to keep your items. The vanity table doesn’t necessarily need to be very wide with multiple drawers. As long as you can fit your jewelry and makeup, it will do just fine. Vanity stools or chairs are a must-have for any makeup station. You should make sure to find a stool or a chair that matches the height of your table.


A mirror is the most essential part of a vanity. Vanity mirrors themselves come in a wide assortment of styles and sizes. Usually, vanity tables come with a mirror. But if your vanity table doesn’t have a mirror with it, you can simply choose a plain mirror and keep it on the table. You can also invest in a wall-mounted vanity mirror for your convenience.


There are various options for you to choose lighting for your vanity. If you have a bigger budget, you can fix bulbs around your mirror with the help of an electrician. However, you can also use string lights or portable LED bulb lights and wrap them around your mirror for a lower budget. One thing you should keep in mind is that vanity mirror lighting should never overhang the mirror. Make sure the fixture isn’t extended past the mirror to avoid down lighting, which will cast shadows on the face.

Electrical Outlet:

You will definitely need an electrical outlet nearby your vanity. If you are a person who uses a straightener, hairdryer, or a curler on a regular basis, an electrical outlet will save you some valuable time. Instead of having all your hair tools sitting around randomly in your room, they can now be neatly stored inside the vanity where they will also be easily plugged in when needing to be used. To avoid cords running all different directions across the top of your vanity, plugging into the outlet allows cords to be directly beneath the user and not get in the way of other people or items.


Setting your vanity up in a way that’s most convenient for you is key so you can keep your beauty rituals more enjoyable and get ready for the day stress-free! Organizers are very essential to keep your items uncluttered. When it comes to beauty product organizers, it’s best to display everything in the open. Clear, rotating displays with windows will not only make it so much easier to find your favorite beauty products, but they can also enhance the look of your space.

Bedroom vanities are the epitome of glamour. So, be it just for coming up with storage solutions for your makeup or to make use of the extra awkward space in your room, these tips & tricks for bedroom vanities will really add some style to your room.

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