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Shelves (Almirah): HATIL’s Shelves (Almirah) designs

HATIL is regarded as a “game-changer” in the Bangladeshi furniture sector. HATIL has become a well-known brand both at home and internationally because to its carefully selected building ingredients, environmentally sustainable business practices, and customer-centric strategy.

The best houses are typically those that are decorated by the best furniture brand. When it comes to the uniqueness, durability, and higher quality furniture, hands down to the brand HATIL which meets all the criteria of the consumer which makes them the renowned one among all.

HATIL furniture does not produce in mass quantity rather they focus more on quality and ensure the luxuriant items and designs are fabricated with the best wood with intense supervision. Their works are constructed in detail. The premium quality of HATIL’s furniture enhances greater worth, longevity, and discrete.

Best 5 Shelves (Almirah) Designs of HATIL

1. HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Susan-113

HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Susan-113


Elegant design and practicality

HATIL FURNITURE’s Susan-113 is one of their greatest works. This contemporary shelf is ideal for exquisite presentations, and this not only gives appeal to your décor however it also provides ample space.

This non-lacquered multifunctional shelf is a great way to dress up your living area. Its appearance is a wonderful blend of contemporary and classic.

Material of the highest quality

It’s made of high-quality melamine-faced composite wood board with an industrial hardness standard. It comes in three colors and may be personalized to your liking. Use of such foreign hardware distinguishes the item, and all natural elements assure endurance.

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2. HATIL Household Almirah Moonstone-102

HATIL Household Almirah Moonstone-102

Style and Function for Convenience

HATIL offers one of most practical and up-to-date furniture at a reasonable rate. Moonstone-102 is a multi-purpose almirah with an attractive appearance and meticulous craftsmanship for your ease. This device helps preserve your room neat by storing all of your necessary items in one place.

Components of Top Quality and a Robust Framework

The almirah is built of commercially available chilled-rolled carbon steel that meets Japanese specifications. For improved reliability and longevity, it has been forged to precision.

The material features a significant load-bearing capability and a high-quality polish that meets international standards. Anyone would be impressed by the sophisticated architecture and elegant look.

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3. HATIL Household Almirah Carnelian-101

HATIL Household Almirah Carnelian-101

Style and Resource Quality:

Hatil Furniture’s style of all-purpose family almirah is both attractive and functional. It’s composed of chilled-rolled carbon plate from an industrial source. The substance grade meets the JIS-SPCC requirement in Japan.

Longevity and Prospects

This almirah is available in two colors: grey and black, and it has two chambers. It is unrivaled in terms of appearance and functionality. It is made of high-quality resources that are both durable and long-lasting.

You can perhaps utilize it for a long time without experiencing any problems. This almirah will complement your other furnishings and enhance the appearance of your home.

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4. HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Alps-108-Lacquer

HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Alps-108-Lacquer

Elegant design and practicality

HATIL FURNITURE’s Alpa-108 is a vintage multifunctional shelf with a lacquer surface. This contemporary shelf not only serves as a showcase piece, but it also provides a lot of storing space. It will work as a beauty in your living room area, adding to the design. All of your favorite centerpieces may be exhibited here, making this even more beautiful than it already is.

Considering high-quality Resources 

It’s made of foreign kiln-dried beech and veneered composite wood. To create this flawless construction, greater quality components and specialized equipment were employed. The exotic glass is 4 mm wide and robust, making it difficult to shatter.

This item has a considerable expenditure behind it. The HATIL experts verified that the elements are of the highest quality and are ecologically sustainable ensuring the product’s long-term viability.

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5. HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Alabama-110

HATIL Multipurpose Shelf Everest-101-Set

Conserve your storage space.

A cross-functional shelf for storing supplies, keeping the office space neat and organized, and providing functions to meet the needs is a type of furniture which fits in a modern office setting. Alabama is made with fully versatile features and constructed with absolute skill and intentional functionality.

Separate mirror covered shelves provide an incredible amount of ease of access in an office space. These incredibly large shelves may be utilized as a bookshelf to keep your prized books and periodicals.

Make certain that everyone is safe.

Alabama is aided with incredible convenience in the cabinet of security by divided compartments with locking feature. Personalized locks provide a great deal of security if you want to provide an enticing mood to your home with antiquities and stunning centerpieces. A hardwood shelving that is completely secure can be utilized to recover earlier business documents and directories.

Resources sustainability

Kiln-dried beech veneered composite wood is utilized to assure Alabama’s longevity. Under the use of Italian Ultraviolet (UV) lacquer coating, the pattern of the oak basis will last for a long period of time.

Manufactured wood gives six times the strength than any ordinary wood in an item of furniture. Alabama is offered with precise curves all without hurting the manufactured wood, since it was trimmed and fashioned using some of the best CNC machinery.

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Why HATIL Furniture are Renowned Among All?

Over the years, HATIL has earned a prestige for being modern, clever, and cost-effective, making them the best of all. HATIL’s superior furniture quality and unique design appealed to the majority of clients, allowing the company to lead the furniture industry from the front lines.

HATIL furniture has employed the most renowned Japanese corporate Quality Management concept known as “Kaizen” to assure the greatest quality for clients. The philosophy stresses the continual growth of company, which includes staff.


Most popular furniture companies are typically those who are customer-centric and always come up with something innovative. Hence, HATIL keeps its pace steady with the changing trend and today it has become the pioneer brand within the furniture industry.

At the same time, it has taken over the international market in a profitable manner which makes them stand out as the most popular furniture company in Bangladesh.

HATIL furniture does not depend on discounts to increase their sales or enhance any other promotional activities. They have successfully achieved fame with their heavy marketing activities and became the most popular furniture company within the industry.  

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