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5 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are hundreds of small decisions that are taken while trying to select the perfect furniture, color, decoration piece, or accessory for your home. Amidst all these decisions a little misjudgment about furniture, a slight color contrast mistake, or even the way you arrange things in your room can bring a huge change into the interior design of your house making it look like a huge mistake. We called on 5 of the most common leading interior mistakes and how to fix them. Make this your rule of thumb for creating the most perfect possible place for you. 

Not Choosing the right furniture for your house

It’s needless to say, you should keep a plan before buying anything for your house. 

Firstly, Scale and proportion are some of the hardest areas of design to master. Almost every interior designer agrees that people are not considering the proportions and size of a room before adding various furniture. You need to find a balance with your furniture and the place you are placing it in. The ideal space will have a mixture of different sizes, shapes, and heights. Imagine your home as a puzzle by filling it with tall and short and large and small pieces. This will add interest and variety and help draw the eye around the room. You need to make sure your furniture does not seem too small or large compared to the room or other furniture in the room. 

Secondly, many people stuff up their rooms with furniture leaving barely enough space to breathe and let the room express its beauty. So always think if you are doing justice to your room before buying the new coffee table you have been eyeing on. Placing things in an organized manner so you can have more room inside your house is very important. Or else your room will look very cluttered and suffocating. 

Lastly, making sure you have the right furniture for the right room. You need to maintain colour contrast with your room and furniture. For example, you can not bring a bright orange sofa in a room with brown coloured furniture. Don’t use dark furniture in small spaces; When it comes to small apartment living, we need to go for lighter fabrics and finishes that will lift the space. Choose the perfect furniture.

sofaChoosing the right furniture to uphold the aesthetics of a room

Leveling things out in your house

You may buy a lot of things that increase the beauty inside your house; curtains, decorations or art pieces. Each of these accessories should be placed in the right way to bring the best out of them. People often make the mistake of hanging curtains or art too low or too high in their houses. You need to think this out before buying things for your house. 

Position your artwork in an unexpected, subtle location and always place them at eye level or a bit low. This makes that art piece bring the best out of the room it has been placed in.

As for hanging curtains, The problem with hanging curtains too low is that it actually makes the window feel shorter and the ceiling feel lower, these are generally not good things. The solution is to raise the rod almost to the ceiling. Hanging the drapes higher will make the room look larger than it is. 

Managing color contrast

Many people make the mistake of picking furniture of color that does not go along with each other. Beautiful color contrasting elevates the beauty of furniture and the rooms that they have been placed in.  

Always make sure you pick a primary color that will take over most of the elements in your room and select a primary color along with it. For the rest of the elements of your room pick an accent color. A proper rule would be to constitute your room with 60% of the primary color of your choice, 30% of the secondary color that compliments your primary color, and 10% of the accent color. For example, gray could be your main color, light blue as secondary and baby pink as an accent color. 

Make sure you are keeping the color contrast right and picking colors that go with each other. Do not try to contrast colors that are absolutely opposite to each other. Like orange and blue or yellow and purple. If you still need to make such color contrasts, pick a secondary color that smoothens the tone like a bit of brown or white. In this way, each color will complement another and your room will not look like a circus too.

If you have multiple color options and feel like your ideas are all over the place try picking three colors for each room. It makes the color scheme subtle, appealing and still not making it look messy.

Choosing the wrong size floor mat or rug

We all need a rug or mat to make a room look comfortable. But while choosing a rug, getting a rug too big or small in size can make your room look funny instead of comfortable. You need to make the right proportion with the rug of your choice to your furniture. 

The living room and family room rugs should be big enough to fit at least the front feet of all furniture on the rug. This means the sofa and center table both must fit.

In the dining room, your rug should be large enough to house the table and the chair even if the chairs are pulled out. The general rule of thumb is that all furniture in the room that is above the rug should comfortably fit over it. 

Not having multiple light sources

Light accentuates the beauty of a room and of the things that have been carefully placed in the room. It also helps to establish a focal point like that centerpiece you have bought for your drawing room or your elegant dining table. Having one light source or having the custom lights only given to you by the builders leaves your house with either dimly lit places or harsh lighting. You need to make sure your house has proper lighting that makes it a comfortable place for you and your family. 

The way to ensure every room in your house is comfortable and well-lit is to make a lighting plan that includes ambient, task, and accent lighting. Do this by layering your lighting at different levels and intensities. Combine a mixture of wall lights, led lights, dim lights and lamps if you may to make the light according to your mood.

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure you are lighting different rooms in the way they should be. Bedrooms deserve a bit more dim lighting whereas kitchen and working rooms deserve more lighting or even a different light mode. Make sure you are lighting up each place according to its demand also while ensuring that it looks good

The next time you change your house, buy new furniture or try to renovate your house we hope the tips above help you because you and your house only deserve the best. Remember to always have a plan! 


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