SmartFit chair Dunham 107

When we think about chairs the first thing that comes to our mind is a seat with a back and legs. We never go beyond that imagination in our mind to think of something else regarding chairs. Well, in a world where people want both functionality and aesthetics from furniture, Hatil does it for us and goes beyond our imagination with their SmartFit chair Dunham 107 that does more than a chair should by definition. Dunham 107 is a step chair that converts from a step when you wish it to be. Then, let us know more about it and its uses.

Smartfit Chair Dunham 107 

Key features and uses

Acquiring a composition of one arrow and two targets, the Dunham-107 is a multi-purpose step ladder chair. We will always find ourselves needing a bit of support around our house while reaching that top shelf for a container, or when we are struggling to put on the curtains or simply just trying to reach something; at that moment we will try to find a lot of solutions but in the end no one of the solutions are sustainable like the Dunham 107. It is comfortable to sit in and while using it as a ladder, the steps are not too big making eat safe and intuitive to use. 

Dunham 107 comes handy helping you with your daily chores

The Dunham 107 brings aesthetic with its looks and also functionality by helping you whenever you are in need of a ladder while trying to clean your house, fixing a light bulb or arranging the books on your high bookshelf. It is made of Kiln-dried imported Beech wood and Veneered engineered wood that can support a considerable amount of weight making it extremely sturdy. While also being sturdy it packs great looks with its design and elegant finish using high quality environment friendly Italian Ultra Violet (UV) and Polyurethane (PU) Lacquer in antique finish. This sort of imported high quality hardware fitting material ensures that the furniture shall have proper longevity and sustainability. It comes in a dimension of length 440 millimeter, width of 910 millimeter and height of 900 millimeters. At 11 kilograms the chair can fit into places with a bit of room but not in very narrow places. It is made for indoor use only. The furniture is composed of all natural material that have various grain constructions and blemishes that make it more bold and aesthetic. 

Dunham 107 can increase the overall beauty of your house.

Taking care

Many people avoid taking proper measures while cleaning their furniture to maintain its longevity. Taking care of the Dunham 107 is as easy as its use. So, let us have a look over it.

  • Furniture cleaning is pretty easy if you use the right things. Just use a soft, lint-free cloth while wiping ; you can damp it if you want while cleaning the wooden parts. But while wiping make sure the furniture is dry.
  • If any spillage occurs you can just wipe it with a dry soft cloth immediately so it does not stain the wood.
  • While placing the furniture, lift it as it is lightweight rather than pushing it and damaging the product.
  • Do not keep the furniture exposed to UV ray or sunlight for a long time.
  • Any sort of spirits such as nail polish remover, cleaning spirit or perfume can damage the material so do not expose the furniture to such items.
  • Avoid placing / keeping furniture in wet and damp places. High moisture often attracts “white-ants” (DuB †cvKv) and nothing can prevent them from destroying the furniture. Remember our furniture is termite protected but not white-ants. Sufficient sunlight and airflow can save your furniture from white-ants. Besides, a wet and damp environment attracts fungus to grow on your furniture.


Everyone thinks about budget while buying a furniture and keeping this in mind the Dunham 107 comes at an affordable price rate of 12100 BDT. It can be ordered online or from your nearest Hatil showroom. 

The Dunham 107 is a capable tool for any home decor that serves both as a chair and a ladder at the same time. It can be a great addition to your house fulfilling all your needs and demands. 




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