5 Tips How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly In Bangladesh

Maya’s parents got her a cat for her birthday. But they didn’t prepare their home for her cat. As time passed by, their home got more messy and disorganized since the cat likes to play around and scratch things. Getting frustrated and finding no hope they had to put the cat up for adoption. Here are the main things they don’t know how to make your home pet-friendly in Bangladesh.

Pets should be given attention and priority while arranging your home

Maya and her parents didn’t have to give up the cat if they were aware of preparing their home for their new pet. When you bring a new furry friend into your home, you don’t simply give them a tour. Preparing your home for their arrival plays a huge role in ensuring your new pet understands what areas are designated for eating, sleeping or even going to the toilet. In particular, if you plan to bring home a puppy or kitten, the more preparation you can do beforehand, the better.

Pets are notoriously tough on interiors, but we couldn’t live without them. To maintain their nature, we need to prepare our home to make it pet friendly. If you recently got your first pet and are confused on where to start, we are here to help you with these 5 simple tips to make your home pet-friendly.

How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly In Bangladesh

Spacious And Uncluttered Home

Your pet needs its space for jumping and playing around. Having a prominent location is good, but even if you don’t, you can still make it spacious. Rather than buying furniture that covers a large area, think about purchasing pieces that are convertible. Multipurpose furniture can save you some space and create more breathable space which is ideal for your pets. Cluttered home will only encourage them to create more mess playing with the clutters. So, it’s essential you reduce the amount of clutter in your house.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning is essential for ensuring a healthy pet-friendly home. If you bring in a furry friend, even though they don’t create a lot of mess, their furs can get everywhere. It’s ideal if you clean your furniture and floors regularly to get rid of the fur and mess. You should avoid using rugs and carpets as they can get dirty quickly and harder to clean. Bacteria tends to grow in these places as well. Get rid of dirty plates, clothes and waste materials since they are the usual targets for a hungry pet. It will result in developing bad habits and even exposing them to something poisonous for their consumption.

 Safety Measures

Keep your pets away from dangerous electric cables and outlets

Almost all people living in the cities have balconies in their high rise buildings. A balcony or a window with only railings can put your pets in the danger of falling off or getting hurt by accident. It’s essential that nets around those corners for their safety. If you own a backyard or a garden, make sure to fence the surroundings and take the extra measures so that your pet doesn’t get lost while exploring. Sharp objects are as dangerous for pets as it is for babies. Electrical Instruments, fragile furniture, broken pieces of glass, metal or sharp instruments are a potential threat to their safety. Make sure to keep those out of their reach and lock the drawers and cabinets if needed.

Choose The Right Materials

Dark colored leather materials for chair are ideal for a pet friendly home

Not all fabric and materials are suitable for a pet-friendly home, to know you should learn which fabric best for pets. Pets love to claw surfaces till they are damaged. Fabric and materials which are pet friendly, durable are not hard to find. Materials like leather or faux leathers are suitable for easy cleaning and are also pet-friendly. Hatil offers a variety of leather sofas. Sofa like Organ-304 comes in a leather option that can be suitable for your pet-friendly home. Dark colors are always preferred over light-colored fabrics as they appear less dirty.

Provide Personal Space

You can make a small house for your pet to relax in

Personal space for pets may seem unnecessary but giving your pets their own space can be an easy approach to make their life more fun and comfortable. It also helps in their mental well-being. Moreover, it will keep them away from your furniture and other items in the household. Create a space designated for them to eat, sleep, and for a bathroom break! Giving them their own space can help learn them some discipline, lowering the chances of your house getting messed up. Furthermore, set up a corner for them to play. Get toys for them to chew and scratch on to fulfill their temptations. Handling a pet would get easier if you can provide them with their own personal space. 


Your pet deserves a home suitable for their own needs. Right after you are done going through the mentioned steps, you should start thinking of their well-being and health.

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