5 Steps For How To Clean Fabric Sofa In Bangladesh

Taking care of your furniture is often tricky. A step in the wrong direction and your furniture might be damaged in a way that would not be noticeable to you but hamper the longevity of the material. And speaking about material, the use of fabric furniture has increased a lot in recent times. And taking care of fabric furniture is a lot more difficult than it seems since it needs to be attended to differently than other furniture. So you must get to know how to clean fabric sofa in bangladesh.

Fabric sofas, fabric headboards, and other fabric furniture have taken over the households of people. And behind the beauty that it adds to your house, there are a lot of ins and outs that you need to know to keep care of the furniture that this article helps you out with. 

How To Clean Fabric Sofa In Bangladesh

Fabric furniture are a great addition to your house

How To Clean Fabric Sofa In Bangladesh

Not all materials go along all environments and lifestyles. And especially when it is about fabric furniture, you need to keep in mind about your lifestyle and usage. Always use synthetic fabric if you intend to heavily use the furniture that is made of nylon or polyester. If you have pets, choose fabric that is lightly woven or has less texture. You can also opt for light colors so that your beloved pet does not spoil the furniture with fur. You can use silk, velvet or other fabric for furniture pieces that are added for the beauty that they bring such as headboards, stools or other additional furniture. In this way getting the right kind of fabric ensure the longevity of your furniture and also how well you can maintain your furniture which is the first step of taking care of your furniture. 

Cleaning Fabric Furniture

Since water cannot be used while cleaning fabric furniture because it can spoil the fabric since it absorbs water. So we need to be very careful while trying to clean fabric furniture. Dusting is a great way to clean fabric furniture. Fabric furniture needs to be dusted quite often since fabric can trap more dust and dirt then any other material. Another great alternative although costly could be using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt that settles on the furniture. But others may benifits you with any other way of the use, then you should check out the best furniture brand at your door in Bangladesh. Dry cleaning products which are water-free can also be used. 

The fabric can also be protected by applying a fabric-protected finish that makes the fabric more resistant to spills and stains. In case of stains, only non-toxic fabric cleansers should be used and if that is not possible then you can use a warm towel to gently blot over the stained area. 

Avoiding Sunlight And Pollutants

Where you place fabric furniture can be key to maintaining the longevity of your furniture. Because if the furniture is kept in the wrong place it can be exposed to too much sunlight making the color to fade away or even fray while also being exposed to a lot of dust. In this case you must trust on best brand furniture brand like HATIL. Try to position it so that it is not exposed to sunlight for extended periods. This is particularly true for silk or other delicate fabrics. Airborne pollutants from dust, smoke from cooking or outside dirt particles can also harm your furniture to a great extent if exposed to it. So it should be kept in a place where it is not exposed to such pollutants.  

However, the furniture still needs to have proper ventilation so that it does not get damp. It also helps with bad odor since fabric can absorb odor if not maintained properly. So keep your furniture with ample air and light to make the best use of it.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa In BangladeshProper placement of a fabric furniture

Turn The Cushions

Fabric sofas have cushions in most instances. Turning those cushions now and then helps with an even distribution of wear and tear that does not damage or indent the cushions. The loose cushions need to be turned periodically to take care of your fabric furniture. Care for your cushions by fluffing them right after you have cleaned them which also helps to keep the beauty of your furniture intact. 

Getting Professional Help

Professionals can help you shampoo or clean your furniture with utmost care. If your furniture is damaged you can get professional help to recover the material, dry clean, or also conceal furniture with proper protection. This can be done once in a while to expand the life of your furniture and take proper care of it. 


Taking care of fabric furniture can be very easy when done in the right manner. So do not turn back, get bold and illuminate your house with fabric furniture from Hatil. You can check out their collection.

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