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HATIL is a fast-growing Global Furniture Brand with customers and connoisseurs around the globe. The brand presents an impeccable range of wooden furniture products manufactured from the best-sourced materials and with a deft touch of seasoned artisanship.

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Late Al-Haj Habibur Rahman
Late Al-Haj Habibur Rahman [1939-2005]

Founder of H.A. Timber Industries Ltd.

HATIL traces its roots to H.A. Timber Industries Ltd, a company established in 1963 by late Al-Haj Habibur Rahman. Following his footsteps, HATIL, as a singular furniture brand, came into being under the leadership of Selim H. Rahman, a veteran and visionary leader in country’s furniture industry.

Over the years, HATIL made itself a synonym to Elegant, Contemporary and Affordable furniture collection. Outstanding product quality and design backed by unique customer service are a few traits that helped HATIL lead being in the front. It’s worth mentioning that to ensure the best possible quality HATIL has been practicing Japanese Quality Management Philosophy “Kaizen” since 2007. And, being an environment-sensible company.

All these things contributed in a great way making HATIL a favorite name across markets like US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Nepal, Bhutan and India. In Bangladesh market, HATIL Furniture has been a proud awardee of HSBC-Daily Star Climate Award, 2013 in Green Operation Category.


To do Justice and behave Ethically with our Customers, Partners, Insiders and the Communities


To help elevate the lifestyle and living of people in general with our Innovations, Creations and Business Practices


To stay contemporary and contextual being innovative and cutting-edge


Uniquely Different

HATIL belongs to its own league creating a benchmark for others to follow. 

Complete Virtual Showroom

Traditional showrooms offer much less space to house all our creations. To suffice that, we brought in HATIL V. Email at hatil-virtual@hatil.com to learn more.

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More than 7 thousand visitors visit out showrooms worldwide every day.

Production Strength

Sofa = 50 sets,
Swivel & Visitor Chair = 150 pcs
Interior Section = 1450 sq ft.
Wood & Panel Section = 700 pcs
Lacquer Section = 600 pcs
Metal Almirah & File Cabinet = 15 pcs
[Per day basis]


Industry Honors

We have earned all the major industry awards in the meantime.

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