Being a responsible corporate citizen, HATIL always puts ‘environment’ on top of its priority list. We apply the kind of UV Lacquer Finish that is environment-sensible and doesn’t contain formaldehyde and hazardous elements.

Apart from using hand-picked raw materials, our furniture items are absolutely nail-free and made of basing on time-honored manufacturing techniques like tongue and groove, finger joints, mortise and tenon, dovetail joints.

Furniture items in good condition can be returned in 3 days of purchase. This policy is in place to show respect to the notion that a customer may change his/her mind within a certain period of time and that shouldn’t cost him/her a fortune. Only a 10% service charge will be applied on the total amount of purchase in this case. It is not applicable for Fabric product or upholstered product.

Within our network, we deliver your purchased items in 48 hours. Road situations or other unavoidable reasons may affect though. A delivery charge will apply.

We offer 1 year free of cost after sales service warranty which covers any damages caused due to production defects.