5 habits can be your New Year Resolution for a neat and clean house

“United we stand, divided we fall”- the very famous saying does go wrong in case of household cleaning and maintenance because of our mothers or women in the home. Really they have been managing it single-handedly for a long since. On top of other work or duties outside the home, mothers are saddled with the majority of the housekeeping, and family members contribute little to the household. Men’s opinions toward women have shifted in recent years, according to multiple surveys and studies: there is nearly universal support for women pursuing employment and political power, and attitudes toward gender identification have become significantly more acceptable. But when it comes to the home front, traditional values still are issues. 

So much work at a time!

We have just stepped into a new year. Delegating chores among the family members can be our new year resolution to minimise the workload on the women. 

The fact that you’re the one who has to delegate could become a point of dispute. Arguments could sour the household atmosphere if you’re delegating to others who don’t want to be told what to do. Fortunately, allocating home duties is a skill that can be learned with easy tips. You should be able to divide up jobs without too many crossed words with a little forethought, consideration, and diplomacy. We are here with some habits for everyone to ensure a neat and clean house.

Let’s do the cleaning together!

Roster is a way

When there are multiple people living in a house, household cleaning can become complicated. It’s critical to make time-sensitive schedules; otherwise, key tasks will not be completed on a weekly or monthly basis as they should. On one side of a chart, write everyone’s name, and along the top, write all of the necessary household cleaning activities. Fix a new cleaning chart to the kitchen wall every Friday morning so everyone understands what they’re doing and when they have to accomplish it. With everyone’s time and capability preference, you can make the roster weekly or monthly. Like if you’re doing the dishes this week, your partner will do it next week. 


Involving kids

According to age, you can assign some household work to your kids like- watering the plants, keeping the pots and plates in the sink, using baskets and trays for storing their toys and so on. It has been linked to social, emotional, and academic benefits for children to participate in regular, reasonable, and age-appropriate duties. Chores instil vital values in children, such as responsibility, independence, and accountability.

Motivate kids to do the household work by making their favourite food or giving away some gifts as recognition so that they will finish the work more willingly. 

Make your kids join the cleaning team


This title is a little bit weird because throughout this blog we’re talking about sharing the cleaning job, right? Okay, it’s not actually.

Delegate one job to one person whenever possible. Suppose, laundry is assigned to one this week. But if you are planning to do it together, the work may not be done. While sharing a job may seem enticing, it often implies that no one is responsible for finishing it. Some people will put in more effort than others, which could lead to conflict. You must also keep in mind that everyone has their own method of cleaning, and these methods may or may not complement one another.

Try to perform the assigned task

Negotiation among the family members

Truly speaking, the change of involving all the members of a family in household cleaning cannot be done overnight. It can be overwhelming and off putting too. If you’re faced with objections and complaints, explain your decisions logically. If you can demonstrate why splitting tasks is beneficial to the whole house, people are more likely to do a good job. For example, everyone taking on their own specific jobs means housework will be completed much faster. Once each job is complete, the person responsible knows that they can relax. You should also make the point that giving each person their own cleaning job means everyone can complete theirs when their schedule permits.

A monthly family discussion on how they have completed the work can encourage one another to perform the assigned job cheerfully.


Be flexible and realistic

Cleaning the house is necessary, but it is never the most essential aspect of a person’s life. You must be adaptable if people’s circumstances change. You can outsource someone else’s laundry tasks, for example, if someone has to sit for an exam, the person can then move on to a new position namely weekly dusting routine. Make a schedule but don’t be afraid to alter it in this kind of situation.

Have a discussion on delegating chores among the family members

Cleaning tasks are frequently unenviable to delegate, which is why so many individuals prefer to handle everything themselves. However, by using the appropriate approach, you may ensure that everyone contributes to household cleaning. Let us know how the habits and tips help you to delegate the chores and have a neat and clean house in the comment section below.

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