All About Shoe Racks

Most shoe repair shops, shoe brands, and experts often suggest ways to organize and take care of our shoes. But nobody really tells us about the importance of a good shoe rack or the ways of maintaining shoe racks, although it is equally essential to keep our favourite shoes in a good shape. So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about shoe racks.

There are a variety of shoe rack designs available in the market for you to choose from. Before buying a shoe rack, you need to consider the number of shoes you own and the size of the room or space where you’re going to place the shoe rack. Regular shoe cabinets are suitable for storing 12 to 30 pairs of shoes depending on their size and number of racks. Helsinki-101 from Hatil is a great option for a cabinet style shoe rack because of its convenient size and generous storage space.

Helsinki-101: Cabinet style shoe rack with drawers.

Another popular design for shoe racks is the tilt-out or pull-down shoe cabinet. It is slimmer than regular shoe cabinets but holds more shoes than a regular cabinet of the same size. If you have a narrow hallway and a huge number of shoes, a shoe rack like Edina- 106G might be the best choice for you. Besides shoe cabinets, there are also shoe hangers, under-the-bed shoe storage and shoe boxes available in the market. 

After finding the perfect shoe rack for your home, the next step is taking care of this extremely useful piece of furniture regularly. The following steps are important to make sure that both the shoe rack and your favourite shoes stay in good condition for a long time.

Cleaning dirty shoes before storing

If we store the shoes without cleaning the dust, mud, or any other dirt on them, it could cause permanent damage to our shoes and the shoe rack as well. Before entering the house we should wipe the soles of the shoes properly and then put those on the racks. Wet shoes should not be stored on the shoe racks till they’re completely dry. Shoes smeared with mud or any other fluid should be washed clean and dried before storing to prevent permanent spotting. 

Cleaning shoe racks 

The material of the shoe rack should be kept in mind while cleaning it. When it comes to wooden shoe racks, it is better to clean them with a dry piece of cloth. You should also avoid using soap or detergent water directly on wooden surfaces as excess moisture is extremely harmful for wooden furniture. 

Wooden shoe racks with lacquer finish like Ballet-102 should be wiped clean with a dry piece of cloth. 

Deodorize shoe racks 

If shoe racks are not properly cleaned for a long period of time, they may develop a bad odour and cause your shoes to stink. Apart from cleaning the shoes and shoe rack itself, you can use a few homemade DIY tricks to deodorize the shoe rack. Keeping a bowl of vinegar inside the rack will help to remove any bad odor. You can also use baking soda to make the furniture free from germs and foul smells. Simpler home remedies like dried tea bags, and orange or lemon peels can be equally effective here. 

Decluttering old shoes

New shoes are bought during almost every festival, celebratory occasion, or different season. After a while, some of these shoes might not fit us anymore or have worn out already and are usually neglected by everyone. It is always a good idea to declutter and get rid of shoes that you don’t need or want anymore. This way you can make space for better air circulation inside the shelves and make room for new shoes as well. 

Organizing is the key

To keep our shoes and the shoe rack itself in good condition, it is important to arrange the shoes in an organised way. The shoes that are more on the expensive side and are used occasionally, should be wrapped separately or be kept in separate boxes. Shoes that are worn in a particular season, for example – leather boots that are only worn during the winter should be kept at the bottom rack. 

Chelsea-103 from Hatil has multiple racks and separate sections in each rack that helps to keep your shoes in an organized manner according to their size, shape and uses.

An organised shoe rack will keep your shoes in good condition and make your everyday use easier as well. 

A little care for your shoe racks will go a long way in protecting your favourite shoes. Let us know which of these tricks you will be trying at home. 

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