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Decorating A Meeting Room

The importance of a meeting room knows no introduction. As the majority of the space in an office is full of distractions, a meeting room is the only place where creativity and collaboration take on life without interruptions. Thus, there’s a whole lot to consider when decorating meeting rooms. It’s important to consider the needs of the regular employees, existing or potential clients and also the sheer purpose of having a meeting room. In the end, it has to be correct in all fields in order to make it a worthwhile place for everyone. Here are some essential tips & tricks for decorating an ideal meeting room.

Versatility in its arrangements must be considered

It is important to be mindful of furniture arrangements in the meeting room. Every office and team is different and so, the arrangement can have its fair share of personal touch. Let’s look into some of the popular types of arrangement of the room:

Conference Style: The arrangement involves one large conference table placed in the center of the room with an adequate number of chairs arranged at its perimeters. It is ideal for small-scale business meetings for everyone to brainstorm, share their ideas, hold debates to find the right strategy, etc. These types of arrangements are often seen in agencies and startups.

Horseshoe Shape Style: This arrangement requires three medium-sized tables attached together in a U-shape with open space in the middle. All of the participants will have their chairs around the tables facing the center of the U. These types of setups are more popular for training seminars or committee meetings.

Classroom Style: This setup is appropriate for larger groups where long discussions and meeting sessions are usually held. Chairs and tables are arranged in such a manner as if the participants were in a classroom. But, it has to be spacious enough to accommodate all the participants. It really helps to fully engage with the audience and also creates the right atmosphere to share opinions, ask questions, and whatnot.


Right pieces of furniture are necessary to set the right mood

Having the right pieces of furniture really sets the mood

To create the right environment for our clients & employees, it is a must. For instance, having a movable drawer unit can really help to bring back kinetic energy in a long meeting where everybody is sitting very still and getting bored. But, they should be lightweight and reconfigurable. Apart from that, setting up vintage shelves and side racks will boost both convenience and aesthetics too.

Invest in High-Quality Audio & Video Equipments

In offices of modern days, giving presentations showing digital slides and short videos has become a common practice. It’s importance reached its peak due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Thus, there is no alternative to investing in high-quality audio and video equipment. They have to be both up-to-date and easy to operate. It also needs to be powerful enough to evade speed, connectivity, and resolve issues during presentations and video-conferencing streams.

Choose the right color for your meeting room to compliment well with your furniture

Choose the right colors to boost creativity

Choosing the right color is an integral part of arranging your meeting room. As your brand has its own signature colors, the meeting room can be coated with those shades to reflect your company’s essence & values. It can also have its own versions of color schemes such as modern, vintage, minimal, etc. to set the type of mood you want for your audience as soon as they step inside the room. It can also have a unique combination of bright colors to boost creativity among your employees while they try to brainstorm and bring new ideas to the table.

Every office has its own version of imagination when they think of an ideal meeting room. But, there are some tips & tricks mentioned above that are universally beneficial. Using these strategies will not only help you to be in the good pockets of your clients but also boost product and strong morale.

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