Office Reception Makeover

Office reception is where the first impressions are made and it’s essential to make them count as you won’t have three strikes to compensate every time you hit & miss. The space should be beautiful, sure. But, it needs to be practical, functional and capable to reflect your organization’s unique character. 

Designing a reception area around a company brand isn’t simple. It’s important to make some unorthodox choices in order to stand out among the ordinary. Here are some unique tips & tricks for bringing your office reception makeover to life.

Keeping your desktop necessities within your reach is a must

Choose which personality to evoke

Thick brand manuals or a deep budget are not a must to inject a little personality into your office reception. Developing a distinctive style requires you to make a choice. You need to choose which feeling you want to evoke in the minds & hearts of people as soon as they step into your reception area. You can’t be both calming and energizing or both approachable and awe-inspiring. So, it’s important to skip anything pretentious and opt for interior designs and furniture pieces that go well with each other. 

The ‘homely’ vibe works really well for offices that want to relate to visitors personally and put them at ease. Zen-style reception areas are a really good choice if you want to make visitors feel focused and centered. But, if you own a luxury brand trying to make a royal impression to big-spending clients or businesses, it’s important to ensure that the office reception gives them an idea that they are up for an elite treatment.


Eye-catching artwork can be a great addition

It really doesn’t matter what business or ideals you represent, you can always find an appropriate pair of paintings that matches your style to hang in your reception area. It also depicts that your brand is into creativity and believes in sophistication & quality. You can always check online or commission a local painter to paint something of your taste if your budget is low.


Books can be incorporated for time pass

Books can lift up the ambiance and keep people entertained 


Magazines and newspapers are common parts of office reception design plans but incorporating an interesting collection of books decorated in vintage-styled office shelves or almirahs is a great choice. It’s also essential to choose the right kinds of books in the collection. For the general public, you can separate a collection of travel books of favourite places. If you are an emerging startup, keeping books on the tips & tricks of entrepreneurship, basics of startup or biographies of great leaders will represent your company well and also fancy your guests to pick one or two of them to read while they wait. But, if your office represents the government of your country, a collection of governmental books can really set the right tone of your office reception. Apart from these choices, company portfolio and brochures can be a great addition too.


Set up TV or Digital Touch Screen Boards

Opt for hanging a flat-screen TV on a wall across from where the clients will sit. It will allow them to not be impatient while they are compelled to spend long hours in the office reception. You can also set up a digital touch screen board beside the sofas where individuals can surf through all the necessary information about your company including achievements, history, principles etc.    


Following these tips and tricks, you can instantly elevate the environment of your reception area from a dull office to a welcoming space. But, in the end, the level of beauty completely depends upon you, your aesthetic choices and capacity to accommodate practicality with eye-catching designs.

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