Organizing your Office Desk

A cluttered workspace can overwhelm and interrupt your train of thought, making it difficult to stay on task. A tidy desk is not only visually appealing; it also provides a better working environment. A tidy desk can also help you become more enthusiastic about your daily tasks due to its positive effects on mental health. Fixing up your working space should not take much of your time. Even if it takes some time, it will be worthwhile since it will save your time in many ways in the long run.

An organized office desk will help you be time-efficient, maintain a professional appearance and increase your focus. So, start organizing your office desk and working space with a few simple adjustments. Here we have brought some tips and tricks on how you can start organizing your office desk.

Declutter your Desk Area

Cluttered desks can look unprofessional and messy

Your office desk often reflects your personality and habits. Decluttering your desk is the first step of organizing that space. You must get rid of the items that are unnecessarily occupying the space. Prioritize the items or files that you use often throughout the day. Once you’ve sorted through your stuff, you should organize it in a way that will make your job easier. You should store frequently-used items at eye level or at close range to reduce unnecessary movement. Don’t go overboard with decorative items.

Desk Essentials to Make Workday Better

Apart from having to organize your desk, add some personal touches to keep you energized and motivated

A desk that only reminds you to stress work can be suffocating and make you less productive. Adding some personal touches to your desk is as important as organizing them since it helps you to stay energized and productive. Indoor office plants purify the air leaving a fresh environment for you to focus on your job as well as adding to your workspace decor. You can also add photo frames of your family or any decor of your choice to keep you motivated in your workspace. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Embrace White Space

A desk packed with supplies and files can look untidy even if it’s organized. White Space is a paper sized free space in your desk. It is essential to have this free space on your dominant side as a designated work space to make it easier to review or sign documents whenever needed.

Arrange your Office Supplies

Supplies that are used on a daily basis might be kept on the desk. Items that are only used once or twice a week should be stored in a drawer under or to the side of a desk. It’s also a good idea to group similar goods together. All of your office materials should be maintained in one drawer rather than being separated into different drawers. To avoid having a messy desk scattered with piles of files, introduce a filing system. From simple cabinet drawers to intricate arrays of digital servers, office file systems come in all shapes and sizes. You can also use labels so that it will be easier to locate any file of any category.


Use Office Organizers

Organizers can save you lots of time and help you to be more time-efficient

Organizers are always a great way to store your items without creating any clutter. You can get organizers for your different office supplies and files.  Document trays can be also used for various documents used throughout the day. For example, all new documents that you haven’t gone through can go to the designated tray for it and the ones you are done with can go in the old documents tray.  If you are having hard time placing the supplies in the drawers, you can get a drawer divider to keep them in place.  

Last but not the least, ensure that your personal productivity system and your office organization method are in sync. Find suitable productivity strategies for your office desk organization. Don’t procrastinate on organizing your office desk. The more time you spend waiting, the more money you waste. Do let us know your favourite way to organize your office desk in the comments section below.

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