Dining Set Thoughts Dining Set Thoughts

Dining Set Thoughts – Modern Design

Dining rooms are usually a room for consuming food but if you set it to meet your needs, it can indeed become much more. Historically dining rooms have been separated from kitchens but modern dining set thoughts facilities are a priority as dining rooms are usually adjacent to the kitchen. Because there will be a large table in the room, it is common to feel like you need more room for decoration. This problem can be solved if you decorate the room with the proportion of the room and the furniture in mind.

First things first. The most important furniture of in the Dining room is obviously- the Dining table. Dining tables are traditionally large in size, which used to make it difficult to make them stylish. But thanks to modern style and technology, you can find stylish Dining tables. The question you will have to answer before getting a Dining table is- Do you want a standard six-seater table or a smaller one?

While the six-seater will indeed consume more space, it is very family friendly and you won’t have to worry about a seat at the table if a couple of your friends were to come over. Let’s say you decided to go with the bigger table. The Dining set made of Caraway-173 and Greenwich-173 can be a great choice.

Dining Set Thoughts

Dining Set Thoughts

This piece is made of Kiln-dried imported Beech wood and veneered engineered wood. The table itself has a 10mm tempered glass surface which offers a modern style and easy to clean. The Caraway-173 chairs have a short backrest offering a very minimalistic design. We’ve been aiming for a modern look in all the other rooms, why not match the Dining with the rest?

Want something a bit eye catchy? Take a look at Eaton-196 and Marshmallow-192. It offers a glass surface like the previous one but it’s the combination with the Marshmallow-192 that really catches your attention. The chairs offer a cushion that comes in multiple colours- Pick the colour that suits your mood and the rest of the room. The soft and durable cushioning will add to your comfort but don’t worry about stains on them since the fabric can be dry cleaned.

If you are choosing a table with a glass top, we recommend a rug on the floor. This will compliment the reflecting surface and prevent it from looking desolate. Of course, one can always put up a vase or a decorating bowl in the middle of the table but consider how much space you need on the table and if it’s convenient for you.

If you feel like a glass surface is not after your taste and you want to go traditional, there are a number of choices for you. Waffles-138 and Cobia-150 offers a combination with 8 chairs. This could be the comfortable setup for big occasions when all the family members can gather and eat at the same time. Cobia-150 has a wooden surface that blends really well with the Waffles-138 chairs. The chairs offer the traditional design of chairs with high back support. If you are going for a safe choice- this is definitely it.

Dining Set Thoughts

But one can be an adventurous even with the traditional look.  Radcliff-186 and Marmot-179 will remind you of that. Albeit the table has a wooden surface but the rest of it offers a curvy design that is bold, eye-catching and modern above all. The rest of this particular dining set- the Mermot-179 chairs comes with cushioned seat as well as backrest. You will also find curvy armrests to match the rest of the set. The fabrics of the cushion are offered in multiple colours and the can be dry cleaned.

But what if your Dining space is a bit smaller and a six-seater table is not proportionate? We recommend against installing furniture that make your room feel like a congested warehouse. Instead, try a smaller set for a change. A four-seater Dining is more than capable of meeting your needs and they too come in style. Platter-156 & Lime-128 for example. Nobody told them that smaller Dining sets can’t be attractive- and they do look attractive. With the round glass top supported on a well-designed bottom, it is practical, convenient and stylish at the same time.

Irving-155 and Sofia-155 on the other hand, is a set of four chairs with a table of wooden top that has a very minimalistic design. The table itself has a bold design that uses the outlines of its shape cleverly to bring out the sleek modern look. The Irving-155 chairs offer a similar design that emphasises on their shape. As a result, the whole set really comes together as one making it a great choice for modern and minimalistic decoration.

Remember- it’s very important to ensure that the Dining set is in proportion to the Dining room itself. A four-seater will look rather tiny in a huge Dining area while an eight-seater will look congested even in a mid-sized room. It’s up to you to ensure that the dining set doesn’t look out odd. Pick a set-in proportion to the dimension of your room and if possible- put a rug underneath the set. This will mark up the dining space without actually putting a marker in the room.

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