Hacks to ensure longevity of your furniture

Furniture is one of the major investments and an integral part of our home interior. A reliable set of wooden furniture helps add panache to the overall home decor. But, as the majority of them are used regularly, they gradually become prone to wear & tear. Multiple common issues such as moisture, dirt, grime, and termite can decrease the overall lifespan of our precious furniture very easily. Here are some essential hacks you can use to ensure the longevity of your furniture.

Keep it Clean

Dust the furniture regularly to remove surface dirt

Just like any other commodity, if you regularly keep your furniture clean and care for it properly, it will last so much longer and look consistently better. Thus, it is a must to regularly dust, vacuum, and clear furniture so that tiny dust particles cannot accumulate in one place and make your furniture look old and faded. Dedicating three days every week to cleaning all the furniture of the house is the easiest way to make your furniture look new and fresh all the time.

It’s also important to avoid all-purpose cleaners if we want our furniture to last longer. If you research carefully, we will easily find specific cleaners for specific types of furniture. For instance, in the case of wooden furniture such as bed, almirah, table & chair, etc., using a cloth & quality wooden polish is good enough. In the case of leather, vacuuming can be a good option for intensive cleaning but for regular cleaning, you can just use a damp cloth. But, the damp cloth needs to be dry too as using a wet cloth to clean furniture holds the chance of inflicting stains or scratches on them.

Chemicals should only be used for furniture’s cleanliness only if there is no alternative. Be aware of the toxic elements present in the chemically carefully reading their labels. It is also essential to keep in mind that some cleaners are not safe on fabric as they reduce their longevity trying to clean deeper. So, choosing cleaners that don’t affect the fabric of your furniture is important.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can permanently alter the look of wooden furniture

Direct sunlight can massively reduce the longevity and quality of your furniture. Using slipcovers can be a great addition to prevent direct sunlight. If avoiding sunlight is a problem, making changes to the infrastructures of the window or installing window blinds can control the amount of sunlight that enters the room.  

Paint or Refinish

As most of our furniture are immovable, they tend to be in good shape but look very old & faded with time. So, painting or refinishing that furniture can be a great option. It is also a great way to hide those small scratches that will never go away on their own. A little varnish or paint over the scratches and stains will easily allow your furniture to last longer.

Protect from stains

Protect kitchen furniture from stubborn oil stains by cleaning regularly

Stains are really hard to get away with as they are both really hard to clean and cover. So, avoiding foods & beverages near sensitive furniture can really help the cause. But, if you do have to allow them, make sure coasters are available to protect from any kind of ring stains. You can also keep the slipcover which can act as an additional safety barrier, especially during house parties.

Set strict house rules

It’s essential to set some house rules when it comes to making your furniture last longer. In order to avoid stains on furniture, you can ban eating food on the couch or writing anything with a permanent marker at the dining table. Allocate a specific room with less furniture for your children to play and jump around. It will help you to make sure children don’t jump or throw cushions as it can cause serious damage to the furniture. 

Don’t forget to read the manual book

If you buy furniture from branded shops like Hatil, you will always find a manual book covering dos and don’ts concerning the furniture. It also encompasses specific ways of cleaning them including the names of the materials required to clean them well and maintain its longevity. For instance, in the case of Hatil’s furniture, wooden furniture is recommended to be burnished and refinished after every two years. Apart from that, they also have their own blog that comprises many other unique tips and tricks of taking care of furniture during different seasons and spaces. So, keeping these in mind can really help your furniture to last longer.

All in all, a house looks dull and incomplete without decent, clean, and fresh-looking furniture. Thus, following the unique hacks shared above, you can easily skip worrying anymore about the lifespan of your furniture.

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