House of memories from the book of beloved furniture

The memories that each wall carries are what make a house a home. Every room has a unique story, from the baby’s first night at home to the dinners that become family lore. A family gives a home life. However, what happens when your way of life forces you to relocate more frequently than you’d like? We do utilize the furniture to illustrate our lives’ narratives. Many important pieces of furniture in our home have a history, from hand-crafted pieces by our ancestors to antiques that belonged to the generation before us. So, as a glimpse down memory lane, here is some of the furniture from our home.


Get in touch about a memory chair of your own

In our busy daily lives, we enjoy spending our spare time in a quiet setting and doing things our way. Hatil created distinctively styled, comfortable chairs that improve the quality of our alone time while enhancing our homes’ aesthetic. As per the priorities of our customers, the Hatil chair collection focuses on unique designs with an elegant look where you can spend your time comfortably. People won’t experience back ache from hard seats anymore thanks to the creation of the chairs. Our chairs are designed for the people who enjoy lounging in them in mind. Alternatively, you can keep your foot on the footstool if you’re feeling lazy. Unorganized and uncomfortable chair placement at the table is a problem that no one knows how to discuss. The dining set collection from Hatil is designed so anyone may assemble it symmetrically.

Prospero-110 & Kingsport-106 are the ideal furniture pieces from this renowned brand’s latest collections that will make you feel cozy and at home wherever you place them. Durian-266 should be your top choice if you prefer slender furniture because it may fit in your living room or on your balcony. Soprano-150 can be an excellent option if you want to add aristocratic features to your living room.


Life’s little moments make the best memories.

The furnishings that have been a part of our homes since birth and that we still use hold many memories. For example, an old chair handed down over the years or a sofa used for many joyful hours of sitting during childhood. However, did you know you could make a complete piece of furniture out of your memories? And to help you relive your memories while adding a dash of contemporary design and artistic beauty, Hatil introduces you to its stunning range of sofa collections. Hatil Sofa presents a collection of unique designs that enhance your drawing room’s beauty. The term “modern” is usually used to describe a specific aesthetic while discussing modern design drawing room décor. However, numerous varied drawing room design styles might be categorized as contemporary, from mid-century to maximalist. To help you understand it all, HATIL Furniture put together this collection of our best examples of modern drawing room design. You spend a lot of time in your drawing room, frequently with guests or at social occasions, so it should be not only lovely but also enjoyable. HATIL Furniture has compiled the best modern drawing room décor ideas to help you get started. 

However, managing this mix may prove to be a creative challenge. Some new collections will bring art to your favorite space, whether elegant and traditional or cozy and rustic. The new Nebraska-119 can provide the waiting room for your new company or perhaps the family den of your dreams, which previously seemed unreachable. After a hard day at work, the velvety, soft padding is ideal for unwinding while watching TV. The backrest is thoughtfully positioned on the cushion top to create an area for learning. A more extended seat than the norm gives users extra comfort and legroom.


Where the bedroom is wrong, the whole house is wrong

The bedroom is the only place we can completely unwind after a long, demanding day. But picture a scenario where you had just finished your workday, gone home, and were about to climb into bed when it broke down. Not that attractive, is it? Hatil offers you the warmest, most durable, and highest-quality bed possible, which not only lasts longer but also fosters a pleasant environment in the bedroom. Fortunately, thanks to recent technological advancements and artistic development, we now have a range of beds that can also serve as little storage containers.

Additionally, Hatil provides modern beds with a modern design, giving your room a unique aspect. Hatil provides beds that are artistically and minimally made for you and your family members if you’re interested in a low-height bed. Reverie-106, one of Hatil’s newest collections, offers our furniture a smooth finishing that improves the aesthetic perspective and blends with any other bedroom furniture, making it the best choice for you if you want to keep your bedroom looking simple.

Comet-192 and Hibiscus-199

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

The dining room is the only space in the house where the whole family has dinner together at least once a day. The joy and beauty of dining together, especially in our traditional Bengali family, is so great that it stays in our minds long after we pass away. The appeal of a dining area can be utilized for talking about the day’s events, complaining about the food, or getting reprimands from the mom for the little child’s refusal to eat. To be a part of this sad story in the eating area, Hatil created unique and modern dining table designs, elevating the environment and enhancing the culinary experience. The beauty of the dining space is enhanced very effectively by Hatil’s furniture, the majority of which is constructed of natural materials with occasional slight flaws and natural variations in grain structure. An excellent illustration of elegant simplicity is the Comet and Hibiscus dining set. This dining room set is one that you can indulge in because it was made with Hatil’s enthusiasm and ability to produce high-quality furniture items. Their sleek, durable design is complemented by an exquisite, eco-friendly Italian UV and polyurethane antique lacquer finish and solid hardware fittings that combine modern and traditional elements.


Elegantly organize your little things

For your home, a range of cabinets is available. As the name implies, mini cabinets are frequently more petite in size. They are beneficial in small dwellings for storing necessities. Even in a large or average-sized home, the collection of Hatil’s Mini cabinets creates a cozy feeling in a room. However, many of us have hobbies that include collecting antiques or memorabilia. Medals and awards can also be displayed in the cabinet. We feel warm nostalgia for more joyous times when we look at them. Linen-104 and Glass-216-111 are the best choices for this. This model of all mini cabinets from Hatil furniture can be a stunning new addition to your home. It is made from veneered engineered wood and kiln-dried beechwood. It can offer the best service for a very long period and is incredibly strong and durable.


Do you wish to store books, files, or magazines conveniently? Don’t worry; Hatil, the best furniture brand in Bangladesh, offers you a wooden file rack. Imagine relaxing in your living room watching television, but you are tired of it. You might want to read some journals or newspapers at this point. A file storage rack is a smart way to keep them close so you can access them whenever you need them.

Additionally, you can use showpieces or precious objects to adorn the room’s decor. You can put the stylish ladder shelf Helm-106 of Hatil’s offers wherever in your house. The rack is relatively stable even when leaning against the wall. The frame is incredibly sturdy, thanks to high-quality materials and hardware fittings. 

The place we live in creates a huge part of our memory lane. Within every piece of furniture, different beautiful memories are hidden with a long story. So let’s bring home those storytellers who will stay lifelong with us.



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