How to order furniture online

Though ordering online is at an all time high in Bangladesh right now, people still are not comfortable enough with ordering furniture online. Just like other markets the furniture market has also followed suit as people keep on feeling more comfortable and safe with ordering online. Although unlike other things that you need, when it comes down to ordering furniture it gets pretty hard and is not as popular as any other online products because people still do not feel comfortable with ordering furniture, especially older people. Since furniture is a bigger investment, there are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind before ordering their furniture of choice. But a few clicks on Hatil and the steps that we make sure you keep in mind will make ordering furniture online way easier for you while giving you the best experience out of it. 

1. Having a plan and picking the right furniture

While ordering you should always know what you want and your preferences. Take a moment and try to figure out what exactly you are expecting your furniture of choice to serve. Keeping the exact measurements and details that you want are key to ordering a proper furniture. Stores such as Hatil have a detailed showcase of their products and information with a very interactive user interface. You can also message them to get more information from the product of your choice.

Cruise easily through Hatil’s website to find the furniture of your choice and plan

This makes it very easy to go through products and choose one of your choices. 

2. Keeping measurements in check

We all have our own houses which need furniture of specific measurements and sizes. While you are buying furniture from a store, probably getting the idea of the size and measurement of the bed, table or sofa of your choice seems clear to you. But when things come down to online shopping some people might feel a bit more confused with measurements. So while ordering furniture make sure the online store you are ordering from provides accurate measurements so you can figure out whether or not the product fits into your house. 

Hatil provides in depth measurement of their furniture.

Hatil provides in depth measurement with each of their products so that you would not have to suffer to fit the purchased furniture. 


3. Customizations and Specifications

Each and every house requires a specific design when it comes to furniture, to blend all the aesthetics of your house together in a mixture of perfect color contrast, proportion and material. If your room has a bright color to it you would want to buy a fabric sofa to accentuate the color contrast or you would probably want to make more customizations to the size of your sofa to make it fit into your room. With the help of Hatil you can choose what colour and type of fabric you want or choose from a variety of leather/rexine sofas. You can also create your own set of furniture if you have a bigger room such as increasing the number of sofas or adding a divan. It all comes down to a few clicks and you are good to go.

Select and customize your furniture like changing the fabric it comes with

4. Visiting virtual showrooms

Unlike other stores, Hatil has brought upon the idea of a virtual showroom where you can visit your nearest showroom through your devices. The online showroom gives a detailed look of all the amazing products in showrooms along with all the information you would need for ordering. The virtual showrooms give you the idea of how furniture would look with other furniture and according to its measurement or designs. It makes it easier for you to choose the furniture that is perfect for your house. 

Hop on Hatil’s online showroom and you will find everything according to your needs. 

5. Ensuring payment and delivery requirements

Everyone is on a budget when it comes to buying anything. So while going according to plan, make sure that the place you are ordering from gives you a proper checkout receipt to make sure you are within your budget. Hatil provides a clear receipt of the furniture purchased along with delivery charges. For payment, you can choose your desired option by paying through your credit or debit card; you can even place a discount coupon if you have one. Please try to notice if you are in need of installation and delivery. If yes, do not forget to check if the company offers the services.. Hatil delivers you your furniture of choice within 72 hours and if it is not available in your nearest showroom it will be delivered within your doorstep within just a month. If you need help with installment Hatil will send you help right after your furniture is delivered. In fine, Hatil delivers your furniture at your doorstep while fulfilling all your needs. And you get to enjoy the elegant and beautiful furniture pieces from Hatil.

We need to keep in mind all these things while ordering furniture online. Because unlike other things ordering furniture online takes a lot of things that need to be taken care of.

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