A Smart Solution to Small Space

Smart Furniture- A Smart Solution to Small Space

If you are living in a small apartment, then it is vital to choose appropriate furniture that fits the spaces perfectly. Otherwise, you will be left with a congested living space where you might find it difficult to move around with ease and comfort. It is also important because if the furniture that you are using does not fit with the interior structure of your home, then the area will seem odd and everything will seem out of place. Choosing a furniture with an exquisite design that matches the requirement on a proper basis will surely liven up the whole place.

Consequently, if you are thinking of managing the tight space of your apartment to squeeze out the maximum amount of breathing space among the furniture, going with smart furniture will surely be a logical decision. You can never go wrong with the decision of buying smart furniture, as they will bring out an aesthetic and modern look in any room of your apartment as well as the smart and flexible features of that furniture will definitely come in handy for maximizing the amount of free space around the house. Let us look into some smart furniture options from Hatil that can keep your apartment clutter and congestion free along with a modern and exquisite outlook:

Dennis-101 folding reading table: A table for the bookworms

Dennis-101 folding reading table

This smart reading table is made from Kiln-dried imported Beech wood and veneered engineered wood and has imported high quality hardware fittings. Moreover, it has antique finish with high quality environment friendly Italian Ultra Violet (UV) and Polyurethane (PU) Lacquer. The table weighs 68 kgs. The price of this product is 40,350 BDT and EMI option is also available starting from 6,725 BDT. The price may change due to the size, fabric, color or the materials.

Why should you buy Dennis-101 folding reading table?

If you are looking for the perfect reading table for a bookworm, Dennis-101 table and chair comes with a perfect combination that will grab anyone’s eye with its sleek and smooth design. This lightweight furniture comes with a storage space that will save space and keep the surface of the table clean.

Salamander-244 Storage Sofa: A sofa turns into bed for maximum luxuryYou can easily fold the sofa into a bed

You can easily fold the sofa into a bed

This storage sofa is also made from Kiln-dried imported Beech wood and veneered engineered wood. The artisans used imported fabric upholstery and durable cushioning. It is a high-quality environment friendly furniture that has a Polyurethane (PU) Lacquer in antique finish. You can also choose other fabric that matches your taste within the available options and also dry clean the fabric as well. This storage sofa weighs 144 kgs and has imported high quality hardware fittings. The price of Salamander-244 storage sofa is 84,213 BDT and also EMI is available starting from 14,035 BDT. The price may change due to the size, fabric, color or the materials.

Why should you buy Salamander-244 storage sofa?

Salamander-244 storage sofa

  • This sofa has flexible usability according to your needs. You can use this furniture like a sofa, bed and also has a discreet storage space. This sofa can easily serve the purpose of accommodating sudden guests overnight for its versatility.
  • This furniture has a sleek and simple design with luxurious built materials that will surely complement any style, need and personality.
  • The sturdy structure and innovative engineering of the sofa gives it a durable finish that can withstand that can withstand daily wear and tear.
  • This multipurpose furniture has full back support to ensure deeper, nourishing sleep. If you are in search of a modern furniture that has multi-use functional ability, then Salamander-244 is definitely the one to go with for it aligns with your style and requirements.
  • This furniture has a unique customization feature that makes it suitable for any room. So, it will fit into any room without compromising any style and comfort.

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