Wooden Bench: Versatility in Living Room

Seating furniture has taken multiple evolutions as time passed by. In the 80s, chairs made of different materials such as plastic, wood, metal etc. had a huge popularity. It took over very fast as the go-to seating furniture for dining and living rooms.

Divans were thought to be seating furniture of luxury for aristocrats. But, in the late 90s, it became accessible to the common people. So, beautiful divans of versatile colours started to take place in houses as an addition to sofas and even replacing them at times.

Aside from wooden furniture, bean bags have been an ever increasing trend of the gen Z because of the ease of being able to relocate it anywhere and the comfort of laying on one while hanging with friends at home.

But, old generations have their fair share of complaints regarding the product because of its unorthodox shape compared to other seating furniture.

In their case, they grew up in a time where life was less infiltrated with technologies and more about spending time in parks or lakes with friends occasionally.

Benches of those recreational places were a common place for them to hangout with their friends. Even in their old age, they prefer to just sit down on that old bench of parks and enjoy nature.

So, wooden benches are thought to have a huge functional and emotional value for them. In order to cater to that, Hatil has come up with state of the art wooden benches for homes called ‘Bagel-199’ and ‘Casserole-200’.

Importance of Wooden Bench

Importance Of Wooden Bench

Aside from catering to emotional values, wooden benches for homes have a high rate of functionality. It can be a very comfortable seating furniture for your dining or living room.

You can also keep it on your balcony to encourage sitting there in the afternoon and enjoy some time all by yourself. It comprises a soft cushion which is very comfortable to sit on and comes in multiple attractive colors to complement your style and taste. All in all, it is a great choice for your home from all aspects.



Bagel 199

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Bagel 199 from Hatil is one of the top quality wooden benches available among our country’s furniture brands. It’s 1150 millimeters in length, 430 meter in width and 455 millimeter in height. Thus, it can easily fit in a limited space.

It comes with simple yet attractive designs to meet your demands for aesthetics and alongside providing solutions to seating arrangements. This top of the line wooden bench is made of kiln-dried beech wood and veneered engineered wood.

It has a perfect antique finish done with an Italian UV and PU lacquer. It also comes in five different colors which gives you an option to pick and choose based on your style.

When it comes to comfort and durability, the upholstery of this bench is done with high-quality fabric that can be custom selected from available options.

The cushion is very soft, comfortable and very easy to dry clean. Considering the different quality of fabric available to pick and choose from, Bagel 199 comes at a price range of 11,800 Taka to 12,325 Taka. All in all, it can give you the best quality service for years. 



Casserole 200

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This antique coloured wooden bench is also made with clean dried beech wood like ‘Bagel-199’ but it has completely different designs. It’s 1150 millimeters in length, 450 meter in width and 455 millimeter in height. Its weight is 15kg.

Aside from its common functionalities, this wooden bench can be used to replace the chairs of your dining table. It also comes in five different colors to help you to pick and choose based on your needs.

Considering the color of its fabric and designs, it comes at a price range of 15,050 Taka to 15,488 Taka.

Wooden benches really are the must-have seating furniture for your homes. Considering its high functionality and aesthetic designs, it will be a great addition to your beautiful home.

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