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FIFA World Cup from home: Looking for comfortable furniture?

The biggest global football event ‘FIFA Football World Cup’ is knocking on the doorstep. This event to be held in Qatar this year (2022) will last a long month. This country has always had a different kind of frenzy about the World Cup. The sky of Bengal is covered with the flags of various countries including Brazil, and Argentina. The manifestation of that madness thus comes forward in various arrangements. But above all this football festival becomes colorful by watching the game. 

Today’s article is about which furniture can become comfortable in the arrangement of watching the play of the favorite team.

Is the TV in the right place?

Whereas the Football World Cup is being held outside the country, television is now the popular medium for watching it. The place to keep the television should be chosen carefully. Back in the day, televisions would adorn wardrobes or other furniture. But with time now people’s taste has changed. In this case, the TV cabinet has become the best solution. Depending on the size of the television and the length of the room, you can choose different designs of TV cabinets from Hatil. Hatil’s TV cabinets are made of superior quality melamine-based particle board bearing international standards. These types of cabinets last for a long time due to their construction and technical techniques.


Image: TV Cabinet

The TV cabinet is one piece of furniture that we don’t buy every year. So we should focus on buying good quality TV cabinets. At the same time, one should check whether the TV cabinet is durable and eco-friendly.

Which sofa would be better?

The Fifa World Cup is usually what we like to watch together. At this time, from the youngest to the oldest people in the house joined to watch the matches for an hour and a half. So you can arrange and buy a sofa in advance to sit and watch the game.

Hatil-Sofa Grape-259Image: Sofa Grape-259 

Whereas many people will sit together and watch the game, you can focus on purchasing a sofa with enough space, design and taste in the living room. In this case, the global brand Hatil can guide you as the best possible solution. You can choose your desired sofa from the comfortable sofas of multiple aesthetic designs of Hatil.


Image: Sofa

So, while shopping for a sofa on the occasion of the World Cup, you should also keep in mind, In terms of interior decoration, the sofa is an indispensable part of the transformation of the room. Your choice of sofa can also inform your taste or preference or in a word mindset. So, even if the occasion is a game, try to buy the best sofa possible considering the beauty of the living room.

How about the divan?

If you have seen films made about the stories of zamindars or kings, then you must have noticed that the kings usually rested on the divan. It could be seen that sometimes they were half-asleep on the divan smoking a cigarette, and sometimes they were enjoying interesting cultural events. Divan’s style can be seen even today.

You can use that tradition to show the World Cup. You can relax on the divan and enjoy each and every match filled with the excitement of the World Cup. Keeping in mind the customer demand, the domestic brand Hatil has been selling several excellent design divans for quite a long time.


Image: Divan Paradise-103

Divan can also be kept on the list of favorites for watching the World Cup. In this case, the first choice can be the divans of Hatil. View the divan catalog here.

Arrangement of tea while watching the game

The World Cup matches are scheduled to be held four times this year (4 pm, 7 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 1 am). In each match of intense excitement, hunger can naturally lean, thirst can be obtained. In this case, you can use the center table to keep the food in front.

center table-Sandpiper-170 

Image: Center Table Sandpiper-170 

Center tables are usually found in living rooms with sofas but are now available to buy separately. A number of beautifully designed center tables adorn Hatil’s showrooms as well. These types of center tables can be used as mini dining tables as well as comfortably propped up to watch games. Also, some center tables have shelves and drawers (check out one such center table here) to store essentials and books.

You can watch sitting on the bed

Several matches in the World Cup, including high voltage, will be held at midnight. Many people are planning to watch the game sitting in their bedroom so that the elderly or sick people in the family do not have problems. That’s why beds can be the perfect place to comfortably watch the game. Moreover, the World Cup has fallen in the winter season. So everyone will want to sit on the bed with a blanket and watch the game comfortably. In the implementation of this idea, there can be no alternative to the bed.

Bed Myth-184 Image: Bed Myth-184 

If you want to buy a new bed on the occasion of the World Cup, you can choose Hatil, the best furniture brand in Bangladesh. You will get the best beds available in Hatil showrooms. Moreover, the beds made in sustainable and eco-friendly ways will last for a long time. Don’t buy cheap beds year after year, keeping this World Cup in mind, buy the best quality bed from  Hatil




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