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About HATIL Showroom in Rampura, Dhaka

HATIL is one of Bangladesh’s first furniture and door brands that is known all over the world. It has 100 outlets, and Rampura showroom is one of them. The address of this furniture shop is 458, West Rampura (across from BTV) D.I.T. Road, Dhaka-1219. It is a beautiful 6,000-square-foot store where you can find all kinds of HATIL furniture.

The Rampura outlet launched on April 13th under the showroom named Home & Office Complex. About 5 devoted staff work at the showroom to manage the business and respond to all visitors’ and customers’ concerns. Every tourist and client have been happy with the hospitality and customer service. With whatever information the HATIL staff has to supply, almost all customers feel trustworthy.

The HATIL Rampura showroom is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm. During the holidays, the hours could change. In this particular period, there are often 50–100 visitors and 20–30 customers.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

Due to the durability and aesthetic appeal of its furniture, environmentally friendly UV lacquer finish, and outstanding after-sales service, HATIL has established itself as a reliable international furniture brand.

HATIL furnished their plant with cutting-edge equipment. HATIL uses   ERP to ensure effective management. Dust collectors are also used to preserve the environment and the health of the workforce. Currently, HATIL has the capacity to manufacture 100 beds, 100 sofas, 500 chairs, 50 dressing tables, 70 wardrobes, and several other furniture items.

Currently, HATIL’s furniture is shipped to a number of nations. By 2030, HATIL aspires to have a stronger market position. In light of this, an ambitious plan has been created.

The cloth parts are sewn together by HATIL using the highest caliber German technology machine, Garber. In this method, the swing or stitching of the material is considerably stronger, which is not easy to tear. Through a series of structured assemblies and six-tiered quality control checks, HATIL’s skilled employees expertly transformed the foam and cloth into an entire piece of furniture.

Multipurpose sofas are also available from this particular furniture company. For instance, you might wish to choose seaters that have an additional table that can be slid out of their back or that can double as beds. Representatives from HATIL are available to assist you in choosing the ideal furniture for your living space as well. You can also speak with an interior designer for further ideas.

More than 18 nations, including the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, and Thailand, are recipients of HATIL’s exports. Additionally, the business was able to export goods valued at $1.2 million in 2020, demonstrating HATIL’s capability as a global brand. In actuality, the business was able to produce sales revenue of about BDT 400 crore by the conclusion of the fiscal year 2020–21.

HATIL has two franchisees in Bhutan, 15 showrooms in India, and 75 showrooms in Bangladesh. Robots and automated equipment are used to produce these goods. However, customers have always expressed satisfaction with HATIL’s furniture quality.

HATIL Rampura Furniture Shop – Photo Gallery

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HATIL Rampura, Dhaka Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Mohammad AshrafullMohammad Ashrafull
03:36 02 Dec 22
They have moderate number of furniture collection here. Well decorated. Nice place to buy furniture.Truly heir bed room collection is good compared to other items.Hatil is one of the first furniture brands in Bangladesh to expand globally.Recommended.
Sakil Mohammad DiponSakil Mohammad Dipon
05:34 24 Jul 22
Renowned furniture shop of Bangladesh.All modern and qualified furnitures available here.
Shaikh Abbas AliShaikh Abbas Ali
15:24 07 Mar 22
Very cooperative sales person
Md. Yasin KhanMd. Yasin Khan
05:28 29 Jun 21
A bit costly but I really like their designs.
M RiazM Riaz
16:01 25 Apr 21
Good furnitures. Good number of collections.
Md. Shahnewaz IslamMd. Shahnewaz Islam
11:48 13 Mar 21
You can buy furniture but they are bit over priced.
Jahidur RahimJahidur Rahim
11:11 06 Mar 20
Price is too high in respective of its quality. They should improve quality and justify pricing in regards of it costing. Design is good and simple.
Amitav MazumderAmitav Mazumder
05:37 21 Apr 19
very good design and well finished furniture. but a little expensive too..
Md. Muzahid Bin-MizanMd. Muzahid Bin-Mizan
11:45 31 May 18
They have moderate number of furniture collection here. Not enough well decorated like their other showrooms. Their bed room collection is good compared to other items.
Tanvir AhmedTanvir Ahmed
12:44 30 Aug 17
Well reputed furniture shop which offers good quality furniture at a reasonable price.

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