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About HATIL Showroom in Banasree Rampura

The Banasree Rampura outlet is a 3,200 square feet showroom. Similar to the Hatirpul Elephant road branch, the showroom in Banasree goes by the name M/S Skywood as well.It is located in the main road of Banasree, block G, house # 01, 1st floor. The Banasree branch has a lovely interior and lighting. The large space allows visitors to move freely.

The Banasree showroom officially launched on December 21. The opening of HATIL’s Dhaka division showroom has won many consumers over. An average of 40 to 90 people visits the showroom each day.Currently, the store in Banasree employs 6-7 people who are responsible for looking over the store and taking care of the customers as well.

Like many HATIL outlets, this showroom opens at 10 am and closes down at 9 pm as well. HATIL Banasree branch is open on all days. Any visitor is more than welcome to visit their store.

HATIL Chittagong Showroom

Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

One of the most well-known brands in Bangladesh’s furniture industry is HATIL. The company has been operating successfully in the furniture sector for many years for a variety of reasons. A prime reason is quality.

HATIL’s furniture is split into 2D and 3D categories. For 2D furniture, HATIL paints the pieces, delivers them right to the client’s house, and assembles them there. The complete assembling process for 3D furniture happens at the HATIL plant. HATIL also manufactures the foam that is used in furniture including chairs, sofas, and beds. Semi-foam, polyfoam, and super soft foam are the three primary varieties of foam available at HATIL.

HATIL, however, combines all three varieties of foam before using them. The primary method used to create HATIL foams is the collection of approved foam ingredients from global companies. However, HATIL always manufactures orthopedic felt mattresses when it comes to mattresses. Rebonded foam are used in these mattresses to give the user a comfortable experience.The superior quality offered by HATIL can be clearly seen through their products.

In 2020–2021, the company was able to produce sales revenue of over 400 Crore BDT. There are currently 70 HATIL stores in Bangladesh, 18 in India, 2 in Nepal, and 1 in Bhutan. Additionally, HATIL offers furniture in more than 18 nations throughout the globe, including the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Russia, and Thailand. About 50 sets of sofas, 150 swivel and visiting chairs, 15 metal almirahs, and file cabinets are produced daily in HATIL factories.

Their daily production capacity for their Lacquer section is 600 products, while their daily production capacity for their Wood & Panel section is 700 products.

Overall, HATIL is one of the very few Bangladeshi global brands which continuously strives to evaluate and improve their production processes. With this continuous development, HATIL has successfully managed to become a global brand identity. It is also one of the many reasons why HATIL is the first name to pop up in mind if anyone is in need for furniture.

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hatil furniture showroom in banasree
Furniture Shop in Banasree
furniture store in banasree
Hatil Showroom in Banasree

HATIL Banasree Rampura, Dhaka Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Dolon Zahir (Dolon)Dolon Zahir (Dolon)
18:45 09 Jan 22
Hatil one of the best & biggest furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh. Recently they opened in Banasree.This outlet is very small in size for the furniture store.Hatil furniture quality is very good with nice design. Their after sale service is also good. But price is high.

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