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About HATIL Showroom in Faridpur

Faridpur Shadar is the location of one of the oldest HATIL showrooms, which is 3500 square feet in size. This Faridpur Shadar HATIL business employs around five employees. The famous furniture shop has an extensive selection of the most trendy entryway, office, home, and kitchen furnishings.

In March 2012, the showroom formally opened its doors. Except on Fridays, the Faridpur Sadar is open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM. The branch typically gets between 9 and 11 visits and 4 to 5 clients each day. This store is located in Alipur, Faridpur at Nayon Super Market (1st floor).

One of Hatil’s founding philosophies has always been to listen to its customers. The customer care staff at the branch is always there to help and interact with you in any manner they can. The official opening of the Hatil Faridpur Sadar store was done in a lovely and courteous way.

They work hard to attain quality and show it in their goods, which has helped them become Bangladesh’s most prestigious furniture company. HATIL is regarded as a cutting-edge furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh’s furniture industry. HATIL is renowned for its well chosen rare metals, business operations that are ecologically friendly, and customer-focused philosophy both nationally and abroad.

hatil showroom in Faridpur

Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

From its modest origins as a generic wood producer, HATIL progressively rose to the top of the furniture industry over the course of 30 years. Hatil has local and worldwide furniture showrooms, e-commerce websites, and statewide delivery services so that it is always there for you anytime you need assistance, whether it be online or offline.

One of the key elements influencing HATIL’s success is the fact that they provide large furniture selections for a range of people at amazingly inexpensive prices. HATIL makes furniture made of wood, medium-density fiberboard, cane, and metal for use in residential and commercial structures.

Particle board that has been laminated with melamine is also used. With HATIL furniture, you can design your home, place of employment, or institutional spaces like theaters, dining rooms, and hospitals.

In a sense, HATIL was the first furniture company to go international. This worldwide enterprise today proudly exports Bangladeshi furniture to the United States, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Bhutan. HATIL proved their competence in innovating new products and stunning craftsmanship which helped them gain the recognition for delivering outstanding uniqueness for its products which are sold through a chain of 70 authorized locations throughout Bangladesh.

HATIL consistently outperforms its competitors in this sector by creating furniture with distinctive designs. Thanks to their wide range of products, they can satisfy the needs of varied consumers with a variety of furniture. A few of the qualities that have driven HATIL to the forefront include first-rate client service, innovative design, and top-notch product quality.

HATIL offers a smartfit section, and the furniture in this area may be used for a variety of tasks. Because of its strong and beautiful furniture, top-notch raw materials, ecologically friendly UV lacquer finish, and great after-sales service, HATIL has become a reputable global furniture brand.

If you are looking for high end furnishings, HATIL is the perfect place for you as your best furniture shop in Faridpur. Even the most picky customers get their satisfaction from HATIL. To gather more information call or visit your nearest store.

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hatil furniture showroom in faridpur
Faridpur furniture shop
furniture shop in Faridpur
furniture showroom Faridpur

HATIL Faridpur Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Ashish KunduAshish Kundu
16:44 12 Oct 22
This is a renowned band Bangladeshi furniture showroom in faridpur city.
dc shoagh (Dc dshoagh)dc shoagh (Dc dshoagh)
04:24 29 Jul 22
Nice 👍
Keshob SahaKeshob Saha
06:52 29 Mar 22
Good quality!
12:54 15 Jan 20
Best furniture in faridpur
12:10 14 Nov 19
Nice furniture bt price is high
Bipu BiplobBipu Biplob
19:35 05 May 19
I like the showroom...
Rubel SadequeRubel Sadeque
07:32 01 Mar 19
1st class and international standard furniture.
Rakibul ShezanRakibul Shezan
14:25 27 Jan 17
Brand store with quality products!! But the price is Too high
Mrityunjoy SahaMrityunjoy Saha
07:48 04 Oct 16
One of the Best Furniture Show Room in Faridpur District.

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