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About HATIL Hatirpool, Dhaka Showroom

One of HATIL’s most famous showrooms, “M/S Skywood”, is located in Hatirpool, Elephant road.The total area of the outlet is 4,500 square feet. M/S Skywood can be found in 212 Elephant Road, Bata Signal Mour, 3 rd. Floor, Hatirpool, Dhaka -1205.  The showroom has an average of 15 visitors and 10 customers per day.

Supplying high quality products and services since 1989, the showroom in Hatirpool has created a huge buzz. The showroom launched in January 20 and has won the hearts of many visitors and customer living near the area ever since. The M/S Skywood showroom opens from 10 am to 9pm. It is open every day. The store is handled by 6 to 7 employees who deal with customer queries, management issues, looking after the shop etc.

It all started in 1989 when HATIL was just a door selling small shop in Badda. After getting a good amount of response from customers all around, was only then when HATIL furniture formally started its journey. After a great kickstart, HATIL never compromised with their quality and neither looked back.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

HATIL has always put an emphasis on the furniture’s design considering the evolving tastes of its customers. HATIL’s product line includes a wide selection of furnishings to meet the needs of customers of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, the business always tries to innovate by expanding its line of furnishings. The company monitors the quality of their handmade furniture in addition to the appealing designs, which improves the customers’ opinion of the brand.

The customer’s purchasing experience is always given top priority by the large overseas furniture manufacturers. HATIL has been growing since the beginning by opening showrooms in various parts of Bangladesh in an effort to reach customers among the other companies in the country’s furniture sector.

The company introduced its own e-commerce platform for the customers as the acceptance for e-commercegrows in Bangladesh. To further improve its consumers’ online shopping experiences, the company established virtual storefronts to keep up with the rapidly advancing state of technology.

One of HATIL’s interesting inventions is the Diddle and John rocking chair and footstool.Rocking chairs were once extremely common in homes. The Diddle and John rocking chair has interesting features. It stands out and looks fantastic in any room due to its stylish design.

You may always add this rocking chair to your living room or bedroom for extra seating on weekends Particularly when you want to spend some time reading a book or listening to your favorite music, even though it may have lost some popularity over time.However, this chair differs from others since it has a special combination of features that let you arrange its parts however you like.

HATIL has consistently worked to innovate the nation’s furniture market. HATIL now has a well-known brand thanks to its own E-commerce platform, online shop, and delivery service. The love for HATIL’s product mix never ends.

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HATIL Hatirpool, Dhaka Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Md. Nyeem Hasan KhanMd. Nyeem Hasan Khan
12:16 30 May 22
Classy furniture
Md. Touhidul HaqueMd. Touhidul Haque
23:56 22 Oct 21
Md Atiqul Islam RatanMd Atiqul Islam Ratan
09:23 13 Oct 21
Showroom of Quality Furniture.
Rainbow Touch LimitedRainbow Touch Limited
20:54 26 May 21
Good Quality and Service
M. Sadiqul IslamM. Sadiqul Islam
10:33 13 Oct 20
Excellent furniture.
tawfiq suhastawfiq suhas
21:00 19 May 20
One of the renowned leading furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh. Well known for their modern designed furnitures for both home and office furnitures. This outlet is located on the S Kamruzzaman Sharani Road, close to Bata signal and it's on the 3rd floor of the "Xian restaurant" building.

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