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About HATIL Showroom in Jhenaidah

Jhenaidah Sadar is home to one of Hatil’s showrooms, which has a 2200 square foot area capacity. The company owned by Jhenaidah Sadar Hatil employs about 3 people. A large variety of the newest kitchen, office, home, and entrance furniture are available at this 2200 square foot store.

In January 2017, the showroom formally opened its doors. Except on Fridays, the Jhenaidah Sadar is open daily from 9:30 AM to 8 PM. The branch typically receives 5–6 visits per day and 2–3 consumers. The address of this store is Sakib Tower, 46 H.S.S. Road, Jenaidah.

The opening of the Hatil Jhenaidah Sadar shop was done in a friendly and thoughtful way. The branch’s customer service staff is always ready to help you and talk to you in any way they can. Hatil was founded on the idea that it should listen to its customers.

Because it strives for excellence and maintains its leadership via its products, HATIL is the leading furniture brand in Bangladesh. The furniture exudes both professionalism and unadulterated joy since it is crafted from the finest wood, is both useful and elegantly adorned.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

Hatil has local and worldwide showrooms, e-commerce websites, and statewide delivery services, so it is always there for you anytime you need assistance, whether it be online or offline. Hatil makes furniture from wood, medium-density fiberboard, cane, and metal for use in residential and commercial structures.

Particle boards with melamine lamination are also used. HATIL furniture allows you to personalize your home, place of business, or institutional spaces like theaters, dining rooms, and hospitals.

In under 30 years, Hatil has grown from its modest origins as a manufacturer of generic wood to the top of the furniture industry. The fact that Hatil offers a wide range of people a big selection of furniture at incredibly inexpensive prices is one of the key causes in the company’s success.

Hatil continues to beat its opponents in this sector by creating furniture from unique materials. Due to their wide selection of products, they can offer a variety of furniture to satisfy the needs of varied clientele. A few of the qualities that have propelled HATIL to the forefront are excellent client service, cutting-edge design, and top-notch product quality.

This information is essential for anybody thinking about acquiring distinctive furniture from the Hatil shop. Many people occasionally require their contact information, including storefront addresses. The most latest information on Hatil’s showrooms in Bangladesh is available on this page.

In a way, Hatil was the first furniture company to go global as a furniture brand. This international company is proud to send furniture from Bangladesh to the United States, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, India, and Nepal. Hatil has shown that they can make cutting-edge products with beautiful craftsmanship. This has helped them get praise for the uniqueness of their products, which are sold in 70 authorized stores across Bangladesh.

Above are the reasons why you should absolutely choose Hatil for your interior. If you are a picky customer like many others then Hatil is the place to go. Their large choice of furnishings is available to meet the demands of a wide range of customers thanks to their diverse product portfolio. Visit your nearest store or call them right away.

HATIL Jhenaidah Furniture Shop – Photo Gallery

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HATIL Jhenaidah Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Nazmus SakibNazmus Sakib
08:42 06 Feb 22
Hatil Jhenaidah
alam rafiqalam rafiq
01:07 30 Dec 20
Its a showroom of Hatil furniture. It has wide collection of furniture and can buy with cash.They have offer to buy with installment with the help of various bank credit card.But Jhenaidah Showroom doesn't have that option yet. They applied for this to a bank within short time it will be done.But one think I am realise that it furniture has huge price. So every types of people cannot afford it.
Kazi SoburKazi Sobur
15:02 27 Mar 20
Hatil's showroom in Jhenaidah. quite big And there are pretty much all types of furniture. There are some furniture shops around it, in which you can get good prices if you bargain.
anjan dasanjan das
13:34 13 Jul 19
Quality furniture
Ahemed Shamim AnsaryAhemed Shamim Ansary
05:59 13 Sep 17
A brand shop

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