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About HATIL Showroom in Manikganj

The Manikganj showroom is located in its city center, Level-03 Manikganj Bus Stand, Manikganj. Like most HATIL showrooms, the Manikganj showroom is a large one as well. This showroom is a 4,500 square feet outlet. It has all the latest furnishings, and they are always updated.

On February 19, “RSJS Enterprise” opened a store in the city center of Manikganj. There are 6 people working at the shop right now. At the Manikganj location, all of your home or office furniture needs are taken care of by the staff. Every day, between 50 and 100 people usually go to Manikganj. Every day from 10 am to 8 pm, this Manikganj furniture shop is open.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

One of Bangladesh’s leading manufacturers of furniture is HATIL. The company, which was established over three decades ago, today employs 70 outlets in addition to 2 cutting-edge factories. HATIL began as a producer and marketer of doors but has now expanded to include its own interior design department in addition to producing a wide range of furnishings for consumers’ houses.

In addition to retail locations, HATIL also offers a mobile app and e-commerce website. HATIL also introduced Bangladesh’s first online showroom. In addition to the home market, HATIL furniture is exported to more than 18 other nations, including the US, India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

By netting 3 billion BDT in annual furniture sales to the local market and exporting more than $1.5 million in merchandise, HATIL has been undertaking business activities with tremendous success. Currently, the company has about 3,000 employees.

HATIL offers the most unique and interesting products. HATIL has always placed more importance on the furniture’s design taking into account the evolving tastes of its customers. HATIL’s product line includes a wide selection of furnishings to meet the needs of customers of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Additionally, as a brand HATIL always tries to innovate by expanding its line of furnishings. Along with offering appealing designs, the company carefully monitors the quality of its handcrafted furniture, which improves how customers view the brand.

HATIL has always placed a high priority on embracing new technology. They use advanced hardware and software for all of its operations, including ordering, delivery, and inventory management. In order to suit the needs of contemporary customers, the organization is now utilizing AR and VR technology. By utilizing such technologies, the business has developed into one of the top names in the nation’s furnishings sector.

HATIL has always tried to build a strong brand through their marketing. Other furniture companies, on the other hand, use discounts to market and promote their products. HATIL has been keeping in good touch with its customers through its marketing communications. This Manikganj furniture store is not any different. Customers have come to trust the furniture brand because it puts a lot of effort into taking care of its customers.

HATIL Manikganj Furniture Shop – Photo Gallery

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HATIL Manikgonj Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Prince John ArthurPrince John Arthur
18:01 24 Sep 22
This is one of the best showrooms in Manikganj City. Their Collection is very beautiful, and the quality of the products is very good. The showroom decorations are amazing. The product's design is awesome. All staff is very gentle and they are very helpful. Their behavior is very decent. I do love this amazing showroom.
15:38 11 May 22
Had a great experience with the sales team and product. The salesman took time to walk me through the product overview. The product quality is wonderful, however, I felt the price mark is a bit high compared to similar product manufacturers by others.
Shakil RokhsainShakil Rokhsain
19:57 14 Mar 22
It's so far one and only quality place for buying furniture. The location is a bit noisy. But the interior environment is so much soothing. The behaviour of the staff is excellent. They are very cordial and generous enough to offer tea. They have no objection to answer each and every question of the visitors. They are very professional. Yes, it's true that their furniture is costly and not everyone will be able to buy it. But their products are also full of quality. So, value for money is there.
Rh PavelRh Pavel
09:17 19 Aug 21
It's a very good place for furniture and interior
Products are good. Nice decoration. Good customer service.
Md. Jahirul IslamMd. Jahirul Islam
05:17 11 Aug 20
Exactly in this place in a new building 2nd floor

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