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About HATIL Showroom in Moulvibazar

One of the most important HATIL showrooms is in Moulvibazar, Sylhet, and has a space of 4,000 square feet. At this Hatil showroom in Moulvibazar, Sylhet, there are four people who work there. The furniture store has a wide variety of the most modern goods for the home, office, kitchen, and doorway.

On January 1st, 2019, the branch held its grand opening to officially introduce it. Listening to its clients has always been a core principle of Hatil. The branch’s customer service representatives are available at all times to assist you and engage with you in any way they can. The shop is open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, excluding Fridays. Employees are kept busy all day long serving the store’s typical daily client volume of 5-8 people. The exact address of this store is 185, Eastern Flower, Shamsher Nagar Road, (Ground & 1st Floor) Moulvibazar 3200.

With a spacious showroom located in the heart of Moulvibazar, you can easily view the latest collections and find the perfect pieces for your home or office. Known for its quality and affordability, HATIL is the go-to destination for all furniture needs in the Moulvibazar area. Discover why HATIL is the top furniture shop in Moulvibazar by visiting the showroom today.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

Hatil makes furniture for homes and businesses out of wood, melamine-laminated particle board, medium-density fiberboard, cane, and metal. Hatil imports textiles from China and India as well as oak and beech wood from North America. HATIL runs a cutting-edge, high-capacity manufacturing facility in Savar that complies with European standards.

With a range of HATIL possibilities, you can adorn your home, business, or organizational contexts like auditoriums, restaurants, and hospitals. Furniture in the smartest department, which is also adaptable, can be utilized for two or even more purposes. HATIL provides a variety of doors and beds for your home in addition to furniture.

Due to its durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture, top-notch raw materials, ecologically friendly UV lacquer finish, and excellent after-sales assistance, HATIL has established itself as a respected international furniture company. With local and international stores, eCommerce portals, a virtual shop, and nationwide shipping services, Hatil is always prepared to help its customers.

For anybody interested in buying unique furniture from the Hatil showroom, it is necessary. Customers frequently need their phone numbers and showroom addresses. This site provides the most recent information on Hatil’s, one of the country’s noteworthy showrooms.

Hatil is always producing cutting-edge furniture and designs to keep up with the rapidly changing business. Their large range of products comprises a variety of furniture to satisfy the needs of many different consumers.

If you’re looking for upscale furnishings, visit HATIL. Even the most discerning customer has been known to be pleased with Hatil’s vast selection of diverse, modern styles and reasonable rates. To obtain the best quality and most distinctively designed furniture for your home, business, or even organizational institute, visit your neighborhood furniture store in Moulvibazar.

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HATIL Moulovibazar Showroom – Customer Review

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A well decorated furniture chain shop.

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