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About HATIL Showroom in Jessore

HATIL is the most popular furniture brand in Bangladesh. It has many showrooms across the country, including the Khulna Jashore showroom in the Jashore Sadar area. This showroom is a spacious and attractive outlet that covers 4,000 square feet. It is a favorite destination for the people in the Jashore Sadar region who are looking for quality furniture.

The Khulna Jessore showroom was opened on January 9th under the name of Modern Home Décor. Since then, it has been receiving regular visitors and customers who are impressed by its products and services. The showroom welcomes an average of 20-25 visitors and 10-15 customers every day.

The Khulna Jessore showroom has a team of four employees who are dedicated to their roles. They handle customer interaction, management, supplier communication, and other tasks. They are friendly and professional, and they will help you with any queries, orders, deliveries, or complaints.

If you are in the Jashore Sadar area and looking for a great furniture showroom, you should visit HATIL’s Khulna Jashore showroom. You will find a wide range of furniture for your home and office, from sofas and beds to tables and chairs. You will also enjoy the excellent product quality, innovative design, and exceptional customer service that HATIL is known for.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

HATIL is a well-known international furniture brand. It has a network of 70 owned and franchised locations. Since 1989, HATIL has provided a wide range of furniture options. All of HATIL’s exquisite and perfect items are self-produced. HATIL has consistently demonstrated modernity, technical prowess, and a sophisticated and distinctive style in every element of their work.

HATIL guarantees excellent products and meticulously reviews every step of the production process. By recycling, conserving resources, and using smart design, HATIL is committed to reducing the damaging effects of their operations on the environment. The structure, strength, and durability of each design are carefully considered. In Savar, HATIL has a sizable production facility that meets European standards and is contemporary and well-equipped.

Along with having adaptable home furniture and decor, HATIL has a fantastic office line. HATIL has everything covered, from couches and swivel seats to office almirahs and conference tables. New sofas from HATIL like the “Anderson” and “Flare” would look fantastic at the workplace.

HATIL also makes use of the latest and most cutting-edge technology. Their plywood component is a remarkable illustration of both complex CNC equipment and conventional wood carving. Modern technology and processing tools are frequently used in solid wood.

In addition to the home market, HATIL exports its locally made furniture to more than 18 countries. This includes India, Bhutan, and the United States. “HATIL is currently recognized as a brand name in Bhutan and India,” claims Mr. Selim H. Rahman. By means of its 15 showrooms in India and 2 in Bhutan, HATIL currently exports often. Currently, HATIL manufactures plywood, veneer doors, furniture parts, and other items in two factories in Bangladesh.

HATIL won an award for excellence for its import substitution in 2022. By offering customers high-quality products, HATIL is happy to have made a significant macroeconomic contribution to Bangladesh’s industry and economy.

HATIL is a creative business that has made a name for itself throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America. The fact that HATIL has 24 additional special locations in India demonstrates the wide-ranging influence it has had on Bangladesh. HATIL is still doing an excellent job of representing our nation.

HATIL Jessore Showroom – Photo Gallery

hatil furniture showroom in jashore
hatil furniture showroom in jashore
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HATIL Jashore Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Mizanur RahmanMizanur Rahman
03:50 10 Jul 22
Not all products available there
Shahidul IslamShahidul Islam
13:18 11 Jun 22
The jessore show room is actually more like a storage room. But they take orders, you pay in full without seeing practically and it will be delivered from dhaka May be in a week.
sonali aktersonali akter
10:01 20 Dec 21
high range & quality best
Tareq MahmudTareq Mahmud
09:16 13 Dec 21
Stock is poor. Not much design available
S.M. FoysalS.M. Foysal
14:08 16 Mar 20
Awesome collection. Best quality product available.
Mehri AfrozMehri Afroz
23:31 22 May 19
this shopping furniture service so very good. all people coming this furniture buy this shopping hatil.
Probir Kumar GoshwamiProbir Kumar Goshwami
16:32 10 Jun 18
Furniture showroom of Hatil. They have good variety of furniture with iconic design and exclusive quality. Prices are bit higher than other brands.

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