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Athiti Tower, Holding # 41/1, Modher Char, Bosila Road,
Shamlapur; Keraniganj Dhaka 1312



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10am to 8pm (Thursday, Off)

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About HATIL Keraniganj, Dhaka Showroom

The HATIL Bosila, Keraganj showroom is a beautiful 4,000 square feet spacious outlet. It is in the Dhaka division and located in Athiti Tower, Holding # 41/1, Modher Char, BosilaRoad,Shamlapur; Keraniganj,Dhaka-1312. The Keraniganjshowroom has a great collection of furniture and goes by the name M/S Sky wood.

The showroom launched on May 21and has been aiding an average of 25-60 customers ever since. The average number of visitors the store counters is 50-90. The Bosila showroom hasdrawn the attention of several individuals. The store has a total of 5 employees who take prior care to every need of a customer or a visitor. HATIL believes in providing top tier customer service and have been proving to doing so since 1989.

The showroom is open on all days from 10 am to 8: 30 pm. The hours might differ on national holidays.

Furniture Store in Bosila

Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

HATIL has always been deeply invested in making the most versatile, modern and efficient furniture in Bangladesh and worldwide. They offer a broad range of furnishings which can be seen organized into sections in their website. It includes living, bedroom, dining, kitchen, kids room, institutional, doors, interior and office. HATIL always provides two of the most unique categories of furniture: smart fit and multipurpose.

The smartfit section is catered to furniture whichassists you to effectively utilize the small areas in your home. Some of the smart fit furniture include the Dennis- 101 & Olivia- 101 set, the Cappuccino-105 and Espresso-105 (4 Seater and 1 Table), a Salamander sofa and many more.

The multipurpose collection was created to give the customers the best multipurpose facilities people only dream about.The main aim behind multipurpose furniture is making the home efficient and elegant. Multipurpose furniture includesthe Saga-203-EB (Multipurpose Folding Bed+Table& Box) Set, Saga-203-AT (Multipurpose Folding Bed+Table& Box) Set etc.

HATIL is the first company in Bangladesh to export furniture in a consistent yet effective manner.In addition to the home market, HATIL furniture has exported to more than 18 other nations, including the US, India, Nepal, and Bhutan. HATIL has been conducting business activities with great success, bringing in 3 billion BDT in annual furniture sales to the local market and exporting goods worth more than $1.5 million. The company employs roughly 3,000 people at the moment.

In 2022, HATIL has achieved an award of excellence for its import substitution. HATIL is proud of accomplishing such a feat at the macro level by providing people with high-quality products, which in turn has contributed to Bangladesh’s total industry and economy.

In addition, the company introduced its own ecommerce platform for the clients as there is huge acceptance for this sector and is continuing to grow in Bangladesh. To improve its consumers’ online shopping experiences, the company established virtual storefronts to keep up with the rapidly advancing state of technology.

HATIL is proud to be recognized for its efforts and hopes to play an even more significant role in the future.

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hatil furniture showroom in bosila
Furniture Shop in Bosila
Furniture Showroom in Bosila
Hatil Furniture Showroom in Bosila

HATIL Keraniganj, Dhaka Showroom – Customer Review

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