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About HATIL Showroom in Khilgaon, Dhaka

HATIL’s most popular outlet is in the Khilgaon area of Dhaka. The furniture shop is called “Smart Furniture,” and it’s a total of 4,100 square feet. The location is easy to find because the showroom is near the Khidmah Hospital. To be more precise, the address is 287/2, Block-C, Beside Khidmah Hospital, Dhaka-1219.

The Smart Furniture showroom had launched in January 10 and has been under the aid of employees managing the store.The showroom in Dhaka is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm except on Sundays. The staff of HATIL are very welcoming and gives the topmost priority to their customers. They maintain proper customer engagement so that HATIL as a global brand identity can understand the needs and desires of their customers.

The HATIL Khilgaon showroom has a lot of visitors and customers. On average, between 25 and 70 people come to the furniture store. They look at the shop and hope to find the best furniture collection.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

HATIL does not compromise with the quality of their furniture. They pay great attention to detail with whatever piece they are manufacturing. Starting from hand selecting the raw materials to making frequent factory visits to ensure the products are being made properly.

HATIL takes part in an environmentally friendly wood curing technology that has been approved by Bangladesh’s Department of Environment. Normally, it takes the wood 8–10 days to cure, but thanks to HATIL’s special chemical concoction, it does so in just 24 hours.

After the wood has been cured and all the internal moisture has been removed, it is sent to a seasoning factory. The wood needs to be left in the sun for a period of time, which can be a few months to a year. However, if the wood is processed at a factory called HATIL, the drying process takes only 14 to 21 days, regardless of the thickness of the logs.

Apart from maintaining strict guidelines with their quality, HATIL’s unique selling point is their rare and versatile collection. They manage to make the most innovative products. The “Sofa cum divan cum bed” for instance is a divan which can be turned into a sofa.

Not only that, but it also has a storage area inside of it where you can keep other household items like the handles. This adaptable addition to your house may change to blend with any room or situation.It is constructed from engineered wood veneered in an antique color and imported kiln-dried Beech wood.

The customer’s purchasing experience is always given top priority by the large overseas furniture manufacturers. HATIL has been growing since the beginning by opening showrooms in various parts of Bangladesh in an effort to reach customers among the other companies in the country’s furniture sector.

HATIL is a true global brand who understands the importance of updating with time. They have proven so with their latest designs of furniture which blends comfort and style.

HATIL Khilgaon Furniture Shop – Photo Gallery

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HATIL Khilgaon, Dhaka Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Shoeb ShahriarShoeb Shahriar
10:43 25 Aug 22
Good collections of all kinds of furniture
AdnaN ZitUAdnaN ZitU
13:11 17 May 22
Very Nice Design,but they should think twice about their policies.
Mostafa Al HelalMostafa Al Helal
15:50 03 May 22
Good shop for furniture.
Khandakar MorshedKhandakar Morshed
17:37 25 Mar 22
Today bought some products from them. The looks and quality is good. Now its time to tasteHow good the products are. Unfortunately they didnt offer any discount. I should suggest them to offer discount for better growth and trust.
Md. Sabbir AhmmedMd. Sabbir Ahmmed
12:37 20 Nov 21
The behaviour of the shop in charge is very good.
11:12 20 Nov 21
Sales executive and staffs are really helpful.
Syed Kamal UddinSyed Kamal Uddin
06:38 13 Nov 19
hatil is one of the best furniture brand in Bangladesh. they have lots of various kinds of furniture collection. price is so high compared to other. good quality. they have available wooden or board furniture. but true experience of my is their service is so bitter. i have a two part almirah bought from this hatil Branch and within warranty period almira's door lock was getting problem. i have informed the hatil so many times but they have received and talked but they didn't come my house to see the problematic almirah. and yet they didn't come. then i didn't phone again to hatil. and i hope i never purchase anything from Hatil.
Odhora AhmedOdhora Ahmed
12:03 28 May 18
Hatil is a famous furniture manufacturing brand in Bangladesh. It is playing a very important role in contemporary furniture market
Mohammad Saifur RahmanMohammad Saifur Rahman
18:51 16 Feb 18
Hatil provides the best quality furniture. But the premium price they charge is way higher than the benefits they offer. This outlet in Khilgaon has a limited number of products compare to their Gulshan outlet. Their service is satisfactory. But their after-sales service is too expensive.
15:06 30 Mar 17
Hatil is one of the best furniture manufacturer in the country and here is a local re-seller point.They provide ready made furniture mainly and their main material is oak wood.

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