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14/2 Shebok, Tamim Complex (Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor)
Mira Bazar, সিলেট 3100



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9:30am to 8pm (Friday off)

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About HATIL Showroom in Mirabazar, Sylhet

Hatil’s another showroom with a space capacity of 9,000 square feet, is located in Mirabazar, Sylhet. This showroom of Hatil, in Mirabazar, Sylhet, employs around 10 employees. This 9,000 square-feet store offers a varied selection of home, workplace, kitchen, and gateway furniture, as well as the current trends.

On 1st September 2012, the store had its grand opening. Hatil’s approach has always been to pay attention to its clients. Their customer care professionals are on hand at the branch at all times to assist and engage with you in every manner they can. Hatil’s Mirabazar, Sylhet showroom was inaugurated in a beautiful and gracious manner. The exact location of this showroom is 14/2 Shebok, Tamim Complex(Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor), Mirabazar.

They aspire for perfection and demonstrate it via their goods, giving them the title of Bangladesh’s most prominent furniture company. Hatil has been providing high-quality furniture since 1989, thanks to the confidence of millions of consumers. The sleek and stylishly constructed furniture is made of the highest-grade wood and is a trademark of beauty and luxury.

HATIL Sylhet Showroom

Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

Hatil’s production process is an example of real vision, since it employs robots and cutting-edge software, as well as world-class machinery. Our solid wood area is a representation of our high-end CNC equipment and vintage wood carvings. You may use HATIL to adorn your home, workplace, or organizational settings such as auditoriums, restaurants, and hospitals.

Furniture in the smartfit department, which is likewise adaptable, may be utilized for two or more purposes. HATIL provides a wide choice of doors and beds for your home in addition to furnishings. It is vital knowledge for anybody considering purchasing distinctive furniture from the Hatil showroom. Many people need their contact information and store addresses from time to time.

HATIL’s experience in product development and painstaking creativity has won them a reputation for producing extraordinary things, which are sold through a network of 70 owned and licensed stores around Bangladesh. Hatil began as a small timber firm and has now revolutionized Bangladesh’s furniture sector.

This post contains the most recent information regarding Hatil’s largest showroom in Bangladesh. HATIL has a modern, European-standard plant with a substantial operational capacity in Savar.

Because of its durable and visually beautiful furniture, world-class raw materials, ecologically friendly UV lacquer finish, and exceptional after-sales service, HATIL has established itself as a trusted global furniture brand.

With local and worldwide stores, eCommerce sites, a virtual shop, and countrywide delivery services, Hatil is always ready to help its customers.

HATIL is a pioneering furniture firm in Bangladesh’s furniture market. HATIL is renowned both regionally and internationally for its precisely picked raw materials, ecologically friendly business operations, and consumer-centric approach.

To stay up with the developing industry, Hatil is always generating innovative styles and furnishings. Their extensive product line includes a variety of furnishings to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.

HATIL is the place to go if you are seeking for high-end furniture. Hatil’s wide range of styles and low prices have proven to please even the most discerning customer. Visit your local store to find the best quality and crafted furniture for your home, office, or even organizational institute.

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Md. AsadujjamanMd. Asadujjaman
13:56 05 Feb 23
Largest Furniture shop in Sylhet.
Paul SiddharthaPaul Siddhartha
14:13 21 Jul 22
Service must be improved
BD Travel VlogBD Travel Vlog
09:52 23 Apr 22
nice place
Abdus SubhanAbdus Subhan
12:48 04 Apr 22
amol sorkaramol sorkar
18:32 06 Jan 21
HM Najiur RahmanHM Najiur Rahman
16:28 03 Dec 20
Move in chear& couter chear paini
Arup SarkerArup Sarker
03:06 11 Apr 20
This is a nice place for all kinds of wooden furniture in reasonable price.
Sayan DuttSayan Dutt
16:30 02 Jul 19
I never actually visited this but idk why Google saying i visited
Rahman RajuRahman Raju
17:39 30 May 16
Luxury furniture manufacture in Bangladesh. And they have many branch in major cities. Many beautiful design and colour

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