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About HATIL Showroom in Tangail

In Tangail, there is a furniture shop of Hatil that has a capacity of 6000 square feet. This outlet has a fairly sizable space of 6000 square feet and offers a wide range of modern furniture for the house, workplace, kitchen, and entrance.

The showroom has its official debut on April 1st, 2019, with a grand opening. This showroom is not very old. Hatil has always taken the time to get to know its customers. There are around 7 employees in this branch. This branch basically gets around 9-10 visitors and they have 7 customers on average.

Their customer service representatives are always available at the branch to help and interact with you in any way they can. This showroom is specifically located at 251 Sabalia, Mymensingh Road, Tangail.

In Bangladesh’s furniture industry, HATIL is a pioneering company. Selim H. Rahman created Hatil in 1989, and it has been providing better furniture ever since. The furniture is refined and excellently crafted from the finest wood, and is a symbol of sophistication and enjoyment. It strives for authenticity and upholds its superiority via its products.

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Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

Hatil is a company that makes furniture from different materials like wood, fiberboard, and metal. They import materials from places like China, India and North America. You can use their furniture to decorate your home, office, or other public places like hospitals and restaurants.

After beginning as a tiny timber company, Hatil has transformed Bangladesh’s furniture industry in the past three decades. HATIL has a modern, European-standard facility with a sizable manufacturing capacity at Savar. HATIL offers a wide range of doors and beds for your house in addition to furnishings.

HATIL is known for delivering excellent individuality for its goods, which are supplied through a network of 70 owned and franchised outlets throughout Bangladesh. HATIL is skilled in product invention and precise workmanship.

The best furniture brand in Bangladesh is HATIL, which strives for excellence and asserts its superiority via its products. Hatil is always creating original ideas and furnishings to keep up with the changing business. To fulfill the needs of a wide range of consumers, their large product line comprises a diversified assortment of furniture.

One of the foremost worldwide furniture brands from Bangladesh is called Hatil. This multinational company currently proudly offers Bangladeshi furniture for purchase in countries including Canada, Australia, the United States, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

So, HATIL is the place to go if you’re seeking for upscale furniture. Hatil’s broad selection of styles and competitive pricing have demonstrated their ability to please even the most discerning customer. Hatil Tangail branch is open from Saturday-Thursday 10 am to 8pm. Visit your local furniture store in Tangail to furnish your home with the highest-quality furnishings.

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HATIL Tangail Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Marzan Robiat MoonMarzan Robiat Moon
06:41 07 Dec 22
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12:27 09 Nov 22
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08:44 12 Jun 22
Hatil furniture
Good furniture Shop
A quality furniture shop.
Debraz DebDebraz Deb
19:26 14 Mar 21
Over priced
HATIL TangailHATIL Tangail
10:21 19 Jan 21
Holding # 251, Mymensingh Road, Sabalia, Tangail.
sumaya hossensumaya hossen
09:41 20 Nov 20
Md. Mamun MiahMd. Mamun Miah
05:55 10 Nov 20
HATIL is the best furniture.

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