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About HATIL Showroom in Tejgaon, Dhaka

Hatil’s another showroom with a space capacity of 12,000 square feet, is located in Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208. This showroom of Hatil, in Tejgaon, employs around 14employees. This 12,000 square-foot store offers a varied selection of home, workplace, kitchen, and gateway furniture, as well as the current trends.

On 10th of December 2011, the store had its grand opening. Hatil’s approach has always been to pay attention to its clients. Their customer care professionals are on hand at the branch at all times to assist and engage with you in every manner they can. Hatil Tejgaon showroom was inaugurated in a beautiful and gracious manner.

In Bangladesh’s furniture sector, HATIL is seen as a revolutionary furniture company. HATIL is known for its carefully selected raw materials, environmentally sustainable business practices, and consumer centric attitude both at domestically and overseas.

HATIL Dhaka Tejgaon Showroom

Different Types of Furniture at HATIL

HATIL’s expertise in product invention and meticulous artistry has earned them a reputation for creating remarkable items that are offered through a chain of 70 owned and licensed shops across Bangladesh. Hatil, which began as a tiny timber company, has transformed Bangladesh’s furniture industry in three decades.

You may decorate your house, company, or organizational contexts like auditoriums, restaurants, and hospitals with a variety of HATIL options. The smartfit section, which is also versatile, has furniture that may be used for two or even more functions. In addition to furniture, HATIL offers a wide range of doors and beds for your house.

HATIL has a modern, European-standard plant with a substantial operational capacity in Savar. Because of its durable and visually beautiful furniture, world-class raw materials, ecologically friendly UV lacquer finish, and exceptional after-sales service, HATIL has established itself as a trusted global furniture brand. With local and worldwide stores, eCommerce sites, a virtual shop, and countrywide delivery services, Hatil is always ready to help its customers.

It is vital knowledge for anybody considering purchasing distinctive furniture from the Hatil showroom. Many people need their contact information and store addresses from time to time. This post contains the most recent information regarding Hatil’s largest showroom in Bangladesh.

Hatil was one of the first foreign furniture brands in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi furniture is being sold in Canada, Australia, the United States, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Bhutan by this global firm.

They strive for excellence and proves it via its products, earning it Bangladesh’s most prestigious furniture brand.

Hatil is always producing creative designs and furnishings to keep up with the changing market. Their comprehensive product line offers a wide range of furnishings to fulfill the needs of a wide range of clients.

Thus, if you are looking for high-end furnishings, HATIL is the place to go. Hatil’s large assortment of designs and cheap pricing have evidenced to impress even the most discerning consumer. Visit your nearest local store to furnish your home, workplace or even organizational institute with the greatest quality and uniquely crafted furnishings.

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ground floor
2nd floor
1st floor

HATIL Dhaka – Tejgaon Showroom – Customer Review

HATIL Furniture
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Shahriar AhmedShahriar Ahmed
10:26 27 Aug 22
The best furniture shop in BD !! After sale services is remarkable !!
Shoykot RoyShoykot Roy
06:37 22 Jun 22
Khairul AlamKhairul Alam
08:14 25 May 22
Nice one ..but price little bit much higher then others .
Golam YeasdanGolam Yeasdan
18:53 18 May 22
Good place for furniture
Ahsan HabibAhsan Habib
12:40 08 Mar 22
I have purchased dining set from Hatil Furniture couple of years back. After a year and half I'm experiencing poor build quality issue. Now there are many CRACKS on ply sheet seating. Nailed points of the ply inflated from inside, probably for RUSTED metal nail or pin.Ply sheets already lost their STIFFNESS. Now the ply seat get bended even with few finger tip pressure & the side joints make huge visible gap.Dining table tempered glass self developed many hair line cracks at bottom side, which they ignored totally. But I'm worried about the durability.Most ANNOYING issue is the after sales service. Sales person may tell you 5 years or 8 years warranty while selling product. But officially they do not mentioned any warranty or after sale service period in purchase document. When I contacted the customer service, I knew that the warranty period was only ONE YEAR. This was really frustrating for a product like wooden furniture. Where as a local furniture shop provides 5 to 10 years warranty & after sales services.Hatil personnel recklessly tried to defended the poor build quality issue. They even tried to convince me that Hatil like international brand now a days do not need any warranty against their superior quality. That was FUNNY indeed!! Where their records past say the different. They offered us a repair service for Tk3120 for each chair, which will finally cost me more than 19K for my six chairs.If you are thinking of buying furniture from Hatil, my suggestion will be to avoid the Slim & Sleek series products specially. Their light frame & ply sheet products are SCAM. Try to buy robust & heavily jointed wooden products. Hope that will save you from wasting money & not to buy headache.
16:33 13 Sep 21
Nice Furniture shop and renowned in Our Bangladesh always 🙂
MD AkhjarMD Akhjar
10:10 02 Jan 21
The place has great space and very comfortable furniture.
Mohammad Zakirul HaqueMohammad Zakirul Haque
10:25 15 Nov 20
One of the best furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh. Everything is unique. Quality undoubtedly best in BD. Now they are an international brand.
Istiaque uddin RifatIstiaque uddin Rifat
17:40 14 Nov 20
Big outlet of one of the most renowned brand for Furniture in Bangladesh.The shop is with 3 floors. Ground and 1st floor have home furniture and 2nd floor is mostly office furniture. Price is bit high, but justifies with high quality and brand value.There is provition for parking cars at roadside at front.Staffs are bit robotic, just doing the duty. Not that helping with proactiveness.
Mahmudul Haque SyedMahmudul Haque Syed
12:19 30 Dec 19
Bought Dining Chairs, Cot(double Bed) and Sofa sets. But within 01-year all Dining Chairs broken and deshaped! Sofa’s seats collaps by one and a half years! Bed is still ok after 5-years.

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